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Webcam Jobs Time Management

When it comes to webcam jobs time management, there are essentially two basic situations a cam model can face. The first is the model who supplements their day job and family life with the additional income of a camming nightlife. The second is the full-time model, who has the freedom to broadcast whenever it’s best for them.

Time ManagementBoth scenarios require discipline to maintain. The moonlighting models are subject to instances of real-life interfering with their camming time. They must keep a tight schedule and may often feel pressed. While the full-time model may have it easier (and in many ways, they do), this freedom demands a skilled hand at time management.

Here are some quick tips to help you manage your day to day in either scenario.

Webcam Jobs moonlighter:

  • Create an Excel spreadsheet or chart schedule, blocking out your concrete time commitments. Once done, find as many 2-hour blocks you can reasonably set aside for your webcam jobs.
  • Schedule your broadcast time for around the same 2 hours every camming day. This way customers looking to make a return visit will know where and when to find you.
  • Exercise several times a week. The energy demands of balancing webcam jobs and other elements of your life can leave you feeling very drained. While it may seem like a conflicting idea, your doctor will confirm that regular cardio that increases your heart rate will help you maintain your energy level throughout the day and give you more stamina.
  • Make sure your schedule allows for 6-8 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep is detrimental to your health. Not only that, but long hours and lack of sleep will negatively affect your job and your camming performance, making it increasingly difficult for you to maintain both.
  • Be as disciplined as possible in maintaining your schedule. Life events that cut into your camming time are understandable. And, of course, a healthy life requires leisure time as well as work. But if your life feels out of balance due to the demands you place on yourself, consider cutting back on camming by a couple of hours a week. Camming should be as enjoyable as possible. And maintaining a positive attitude is difficult if you find yourself dreading your broadcast time.
  • Consider Outsourcing for certain aspects of your career. Being a cam model is not just the time you spend on camera. It also requires the ability to self-promote on the internet and social media. If you have trouble finding the time to increase your exposure, consider hiring a freelancer to help you edit promotional video clips or optimize your personal website for SEO. This will allow you to dedicate as much of your camming-career energy to your performances and customers.

For the Full-time model:

  • While you have more free hours to webcam on a daily and weekly basis, you should still schedule your time. Make sure the time you’ve scheduled is for webcam jobs alone, and make these time slots as regular as possible so your viewers will know when they can enter your room.
  • No one is looking over your shoulder, so you must exercise your self-discipline. If you’re prone to distraction, try unplugging your television, disconnecting your video game system, or putting your mobile phone in another room during camming hours. This will keep you focused on the job at hand.
  • Keep track of your peek performance hours. The more you cam, the more you’ll note that certain times of the day are more lucrative than others. When life interferes with camming, try and have these time slots set in stone, and enter your chat room at these times well-rested and with your best energy available for your performance.
  • Set goals for yourself. Successful cam models can do well financially, but sometimes it’s hard for even the best to maintain focus if they’re not sure what they’re working for. Set short and long-term goals for yourself. Save for a pricey home improvement, a vacation, or a new car. With these goals in mind, many performers find themselves more invested in their broadcasts.

Practice and Prosper

Time ManagementEffective time management is a skill you can learn through practice. Sometimes new, positive habits are hard to maintain. Be dedicated, but don’t be inflexible. If something in your schedule is making your life more difficult to maintain, move it. Use trial and error to find what works best for you as you embark upon your cam-modeling career. Make your time online a great experience and you’ll be a top model in no time.

Webcam Model with Personality

Connect With Personality

We’ve seen it many times: a beautiful cam model outperformed by a cam model who might not be as gorgeous, but who knows how to use their personality to attract customers.

Remember this adage: Your physical look is what attracts customers. Your personality is what keeps them coming back.

The ability to form strong connections with customers is what sets middling cam models apart from highly successful ones. So how do you use your personality to turn a new customer into someone who will be with you for years to come?

Here are some strategies that you can put into play immediately. Consider these as tools to help you “tune up” your webcam performance. Ready?


  • Ask the Right Questions: When you go out with someone for the very first time, and all they do is talk about themselves, are you likely to ask for a second date? Probably not. Well, the same principal applies for your first-time customers. Asking questions shows customers that you’re interested in them as people. It also reveals valuable information you can implement to turn up the heat on their private show experience.
  • Follow-up Questions: You’re not just trying to make a customer think you’re interested, you’re also trying to seduce their mind, discuss their hobbies, tease them with your knowledge of their likes and dislikes, etc. Follow-up questions pave the way to real conversations, and conversation is the foundation of constructing strong relationships.

Use Your Unique Voice

  • Be Vocal: Most customers who spend time with you will find talking (as opposed to typing your replies) in your open room much more enjoyable and worthwhile. This is even more important in private. Typing your responses is time consuming (in a time-based show type) and can be an obstacle when you’re trying to hone in on an intimate moment.
  • Don’t Jump to the Juicy Parts: When a private begins, don’t immediately begin performing. Spend time learning, conversationally, what it is that they’re seeking. Ask them questions about their day (yes, more questions are good). Share something personal about yourself (it doesn’t have to be true), and let them know how excited you are to be with them. The more special they feel, the more comfortable their experience will be with you.

Positive Thinking is Everything

  • Be Positive: Don’t underestimate the power of being positive. Customers will come to you seeking many things: companionship, intimacy, erotic fantasy and conversation. They’re looking for an escape from the stress of their real life day-to-day life. Smile. Elevate them to a more positive place. Be confident and welcoming. Your good attitude lets customers know they’ve come to the right place — a place that’s better than the reality they are used to. You will become their positive fantasy.
  • Notes are Your Friend: Learn to take notes on specific customers while they’re in your chat room. Use these notes to double-down on the particulars of a certain user. He or she will thank you. Remembering the fine details of any interaction is a smart way to show customers you value them for who they are. Customers want to be seen as being special in your eyes. It makes them feel as if your shared experience was as positive for you as it was for them. This level of dedication will distinguish you from the majority of the models they visit either on your site or a competitor’s site.


  • Flirty Nicknames: Concocting a personalized flirty nickname for a customer is another tried-and-true way to make your interactions more intimate and memorable. Making them feel like they are the apple of your eye, even in a small way, will play a huge factor in converting them into return customers.
  • Appreciate Generosity: Be ever grateful for every tip, large or small. Honestly, none of us know if a customer is wealthy or on a tight budget. The amount that they spend in your room could mean more to them than the amount itself (the monetary value) suggests. Let them know you appreciate their tip (even if it’s a small amount). Remember, you are making a difference in a person’s life You should trust that they are rewarding you with a value that is sufficient to what they can afford. Saying, “thank you” or shouting out their screen name when they tip is another way to make them feel more connected and special.

Not every model is a social dynamo. It’s natural to feel shy and intimidated in your early camming sessions. But remember, you are the star of your chatroom. These customers clicked on you, hoping you’re the right model for them. If you struggle with engaging your users, following these simple tips will help you establish longer and more lucrative connections with the customers who visit you.

best sex toys

2-Way Toys: A Real-World Introduction

I want to dive deep into interactive devices. I recently spoke about “interactive devices” here. But what are they and what can they do for cam models? They’re sex toys (vibes, phalluses, masturbation sleeves … etc) that can be connected to a mobile app. Through the app, they can be controlled by a remote user, even thousands of miles away. And the latest models, like the Fuse (which I wrote about here) allow this control on a 2-way level; meaning that two people with compatible toys on different sides of the planet can express themselves physically in a mutual way. For people in long distance relationships, this means their intimacy can cross continents.


For cam guys and cam girls, 2-way interactive toys offer a new level  of immersion to your performances. After all, immersion is one of the biggest selling points of a cam show. It’s already an interactive experience, where your customers can converse with you, get to know you, have real conversations, and make real-time naughty requests. A successful private show is usually one that most caters to the customer’s desires, right? Therefore, toys that give you the ability to express yourselves physically as well as emotionally should only heighten the experience.

So are 2-way interactive toys taking the camming world by storm? Well, I think what we’re seeing at the moment is a technological revolution in its fledgling stages. It reminds me of VR, which is huge and mainstream now, but gained its first foothold in the adult industry.

best sex toys Flirt4Free is the first of the big-name cam sites to fully embrace these toys. Their interactive page offers customers and models a full tutorial on connecting and controlling a wide variety of devices. Top model, Nazanin Hunter’s interactive Fuse show is viewable as a Video on Demand, and the site reviewed this performance on their blog. If you have the means, I highly recommend watching it. It’s a great example of this exciting tech in action. “My squirt show is the best show I do, and when it’s interactive, it’s even better, because my customers can give me real pleasure,” Nazanin said when asked about these devices. “It’s so much more intimate. I feel closer to my customers and now I don’t have to do all the work! (laughs) They can help me!”

Feel Everything

We asked several other Flirt4Free models about the effect of 2-way interactive on their performances and, more importantly, their profitability.

Popular duo Crhistian & Dereckk often use the Fuse and the Onyx2 into their hardcore shows.

“It’s way more fun because it’s not just us that feel everything. The customers can feel what we do. So there is a stronger connection, even with a great distance between us,” said Crhistian.

“My favorite is when I can tie Crhistian up,” his partner Dereckk added, “then use the toys to let the customer drive him wild. That really makes him moan and brings in some fantastic tips. There’s really no other experience like it.”

Fast-rising cam girl, Antonela Adams, had this to say about her Fuse shows: “I never had a toy like this before, that another person could control. It was so impressive. The sensations we both feel are much deeper. It allows us to be closer and interact more. And after an interactive show, I’m always certain my customers will come back to me.”

Logan Cardenas, one of Flirt’s elite male models, has also recently integrated the Fuse into his performances. “I always loved using toys in private shows. And these toys are so cool, because not only do the customers get to feel pleasure along with you, but many of them offer different sensations depending on whether you use your hand or mouth on it, or put it inside you. It makes privates way more dynamic.”

Ground Floor

This feels like the right time to get in on the ground floor of this movement. Two-way toys are on the rise, and only slightly more costly than the average quality sex toy. Offering your potential customers a level of immersion they can’t find anywhere else is a surefire way to make yourself stand out from other cam models, and has the potential to pay dividends as 2-way becomes more prevalent throughout the industry.

Private Cam Show

Web Cam Modeling: Private Shows (Part TWO)

In PART ONE of this two-part series, we opened up the idea of how to make your private web cam modeling shows memorable. Now, in this second installment, we’ll go even deeper and provide you with additional on-cam strategies to help you maximize your earnings on cam. Put these into practice and you’ll be dominating on cam in no time.

Ready, models? Let’s dive in and get learning.

Tips for Web Cam Modeling Success

Be Truthful: Be as honest as you can (without risking your safety and privacy) about yourself. Namely, be honest about your turn-ons and turn-offs. Being an authentic presence is a major force in turning new (and potential) customers into regulars. While the sexy stuff is a still a part of 1-on-1 performances, the customers who feel close to your personality—who actually feel a personal connection with you—are more likely to return for more exciting private sessions.

Your Limitations: You should also be clear about your limitations (i.e. what you are NOT willing to do). If a customer asks you to do something you’re not into, politely inform them that you can’t and be apologetic. Leading them on is not a wise strategy. Even if they go to other sites to meet those needs, you’ve enabled a real trust that could bring them back to this private experience at another time.

Take it Slow: Yes, slow down. Give a little tease. Take it slowly, seductively. Private web cam modeling shows are time-based, and the longer they last, the more money you earn. Prolonging your strip routine while a paying customer is asking for more money risks losing that customer. Get to their requests as quickly and naturally as possible. A customer who is satisfied with the overall experience will be back. Also, a customer who felt they paid too much or that you teased too much without delivering the goods will not


Involve Your Fans: Fans of  web cam modeling will tell you the best thing about a live cam show is that they get to be involved in the sexy creative process. Their unique input becomes an important part of the performance. Keep the following in mind. You want each and every customer to imagine you’re touching yourself BECAUSE of them (and not another). Speak to them throughout the show. Address them. Ask them how you’re doing, and if they like what you’re doing. A little dirty talk works well towards making your customers feel like they are truly part of the show.

Post-Show Hustle: Whew… The show has come to a close. What now? First, express gratitude toward the customer. Let them know how much you enjoyed spending time with them, and that you really look forward to doing it again. Shoot them an email through the site if they’ve already logged off. Check out this blog post on customer appreciation. Then, right-click on their name and jot down some notes on what you’ve learned. If you do this, the next time you encounter them, you’ll have the details of your last encounter fresh in your mind. This type of keen attention to detail will make them feel valued and memorable. This will definitely work in your favor.

Private Show For more useful advice on your first webcam broadcast, check out this Modeling on Cam article.  We think you’ll find it most useful to growing yourself as a cam model. Also, check out fetish model extraordinaire Katharine Cane as she offers some wonderful insight for new models in this exclusive Guide to Camming interview.

Private Shows: Make Them Memorable (Part ONE)

Welcome! Let’s get you up to speed on making your private shows a memorable experience.

So a new customer has taken you private. Maybe it’s your very first time to go private. There will be a ton of questions bouncing around in your head before you even start performing. What do they want? How can I maximize my earning potential? How can I ensure they become regulars?

Don’t worry. In this article, we’ll give you some solid advice to guide you onward with your success. Ready? Let’s rock.

Tips for Success

The Greeting: Greet the customer in a friendly manner, and thank them for choosing you. It helps if you are enthusiastic about performing on cam, and appreciative that they chose you over all of the other models on the site. Trust me, an environment of inclusion is one a customer will want to frequent.

Ask Questions: It’s probably a good idea to not launch directly into performing. For starters, you won’t have an idea of what the customer wants. Start with small talk. Ask them about how their day is going, share something interesting about yourself. Let the conversation organically drift to the topic of sex. What you two talk about will provide valuable information you can use to create a stimulating show the customer won’t forget. However, if they push right away toward performance requests, do your best to adapt.

Cam2Cam: One of the best questions to ask is: ‘Do you have a camera?” Most successful performers will tell you that (since we’re on a Flirt4Free kick) Cam2Cam is a great way to make private shows more intimate. Simply said, Cam2Cam is when the customer can see you and you can see the customer. This level of engagement shows customers you’re interested in more than just what they type in the chat area. Some will be too shy to try, so don’t push if they don’t seem willing. But it never hurts to remind them of the option. Learn about Cam2Cam in this article from the official Flirt4Free blog (warning: NSFW).

Prepare Yourself: Some customers will give you a liberating creative freedom. Others will ask for something ultra-specific. Make sure you have the interactive toys, outfits, and other tools of the camming trade on hand. When a customer asks: “Do you have high heels and nipple clamps?” and you reply, “Yes, I happen to have them right here,” they’ll know they’re in the right place, and trust will blossom like flowers in the spring.

Want More?

Private ShowsWell, we’ll leave this article as is for now and continue the rest of the tips in our next article. If you liked what you read here today, drop a comment or share this content on social media. Those social media shares really do help bring attention to this hand-crafted lovingly-curated content.

Thank you! TO BE CONTINUED… 

(P.S. if you’re interested in becoming a cam model, now’s the time to make that dream happen!)