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Kiiroo Titan

Kiiroo Titan Review

While not unprecedented, an interactive male masturbation sleeve is not a common site in cam model’s chatroom.  You might encounter this kind of sex toy while performing as a male model as a top, or as an addition to a couple or group show. But can these interactive devices such as the Kiiroo Titan help you make money on cam?

While we’ll look at the Kiiroo Titan as an overall product in this review, we’ll put an emphasis on how it can be used while modeling on cam, and—with camgirls in mind—whether or not it’s a good idea to recommend them to customers looking for a more intimate interactive live cam show.

Design: First the nitty gritty. The Titan stands about 9 inches tall, and 3.5 inches wide, and weighs just under 2lbs. This makes it lighter and more compact than its main competitors, the Fleshlight Launch, and the Kiiroo Onyx2. Thus, it’s more practical and portable. But it also gives the Titan a bit of a cheaper, less than premium feel. The cylinder can be opened for easy access to the silicon sleeve, which can be removed and cleaned. While this is a great addition, the seam in the plastic can depress if the toy is gripped to tightly. Overall, though, this does not really detract from the experience. Finally, competing sleeves have covers available to protect the sleeve and keep it dust free. While no-stick silicon is used, unless wrapped or placed in a case, the Titan’s sleeve is exposed and could be damaged in transit.

Power: Unlike our review of Onyx2 and the Launch, the Titan has no moving parts. The soft latex sleeve is lined by 3 rods containing 9 small motors each. In manual mode, the vibrations and combination of motors can be changed by stroking the 3 touch sensitive power sensors. You can engage the motors all at once, or in separate groups, making for some pretty customizable sensations. But it should be noted this is a very “buzzy” sensation, which may not be for everyone.

Battery Life: Herein lies the biggest challenge in using the Kiiroo Titan in a live cam show, and one of the Titan’s most glaring cons. The Titan requires 3 hours of charge time for only 40 minutes of use. For prolonged use in making money on cam, or in the hand of your customers, using the Titan will require some foresight to make sure it’s charged.

Connectivity: Connecting the titan to your mobile device is a simple, 2 click process using the FeelConnect App. And no issues were encountered in our testing of the local/partner connectivity, or when connecting to other Kiiroo toys for use in a live cam show. 

Interactivity: The reliability review of the Titan really shines when in interactive mode. The motors are responsive, and vary in intensity at the slightest increase or decrease in pressure on the toy it’s paired with. (For our purposes, we used a Fuse, which you can read about here.) Manipulating the Fuse triggered the different motor groups consistently, with little-to-no lag in the process. Conversely, if you’re a Fuse owner and your customer has the Titan, the Fuse continues to prove its top-of-the-line designation, responding to the Titan’s power buttons instantly and pleasurably.


Part 1) Should you use the Kiiroo Titan in your live cam show? Our review gives it a tentative “thumbs up”. While the battery life can prove challenging, the reliable connection to your site and your customer’s devices are a big boon that can help you make more money on cam. Another boon is: the Kiiroo Titan is priced at about $150, much more affordable than either of its competitors.

Part 2) Should you recommend the Kiiroo Titan to customers looking for an interactive live cam experience with you? It depends. If your customer is on a budget, the Titan will provide them with a good experience … but, we’d rank it in 3rd place: far behind the Launch and slightly behind the Onyx2. If you want your customer’s interactive experience to be as close to real, mind-blowing sex as possible, point them to the Fleshlight Launch every time!  You can purchase the Titan directly at the Kiiroo website.

Lovense Edge

Lovense Edge – Review

The Edge is a dual-motor prostate massager from Lovense, the makers of the Lush and the Domi, two of the most popular sex toys seen on cam sites. It’s made of smooth, body safe silicon, and is waterproof (rather than water-resistant). It can be used for manual play, remotely through the Lovense Edge App, and on cam as tip-responsive.

Edge Design:

From a design perspective, the Edge is revolutionary among prostate massagers. It is wishbone shaped and each arm is individually motorized. The thicker stem stimulates the perineum while the thinner stem is inserted to vibrate against the prostate. Where the edge really shines from this perspective is that the width between each vibrating stem is adjustable, which makes it more comfortable for a male webcam model to wear for prolonged sessions, and more accurate when aiming for the “sweet spot”. Be forewarned, though: if you’re new to anal play, the Edge’s prostate arm is on the thick side.


Like other Lovense toys, the Edge is in the upper tiers in the power department. Its lowest setting packs a punch, and medium and high ratchet up the intensity considerably. In manual mode, there are 3 power levels and 4 preset vibration patters that pulse and wave pleasantly. But while the Domi (which you can read about here) might be “too powerful” for some, each power level on the edge is reasonable, depending on your sensitivity. At its highest setting, the sensations are deep and rumbly.

App Connectivity:

Lovense toys are among the easiest to operate, technologically speaking. Just like the Domi, once you install the app on your smartphone or tablet, it automatically detects the toy, and is connected with a single tap. However, in the case of the edge, connectivity issues seem to be a bit more common of a complaint.

Edge interactivity:

In the chatroom, the edge is ideally suited to tip-responsive anal play for a male webcam model. The length and power of the toy’s response correlates well with the size of the tip you receive. The adjustable nature of the toy ensures that your customers will see genuine reactions that are significantly more intense when they’re more generous. However, though the motors are quite strong, the Edge is relatively quiet, and it has no LED light to give your fans a visual indicator that it’s working.

Lovense Edge Cons:

The Edge wins points for power, comfort, ease of use, and design. It’s most glaring drawbacks are:

  • Minor connectivity issues
  • Prostate arm might be too thick for newbies
  • No visual indicator for viewers

Our Verdict

This powerful, well-designed and comfortable interactive prostate massager should check all the right boxes for a male webcam model and his fans. The adjustable motorized arms feel amazing internally and externally, and should inspire your customers to go for bigger tips and longer, more blissful reactions. Connectivity problems are infrequent but still worth mentioning, and if you’ve never used an anal toy before, you should expect a slight adjustment period. However, by and large, the Lovense Edge is an exceptional offering for any male webcam model who wants to bring more interactivity into his cam shows.

Learn more at the Lovense Edge Website

Lovense Domi

Lovense Domi: Review

The Lovense Domi is the competitor to that staple of sex-toy collections: the Hitachi Magic Wand. It is compact, Bluetooth enabled, app controlled, and tip responsive, and as with most Lovense toys, has an almost unparalleled ease of use when it comes to these features. As with the Esca and Esca 2, the interactive capabilities of this toy are limited to 1-way control, so your customer can control the device, but it won’t connect to their toy.

Domi Pros:

Despite packing a huge and pleasurable punch, the Lovense Domi is much smaller than your typical Hitachi, coming in at 9.2 inches. The body is plastic and the head is flexible, smooth, body-safe silicon. 90 minutes of charge time equates to roughly 90 minutes of continuous use. It’s easy to clean, and water resistant (not water proof because of the charge port).

For short-range or long distance use, connecting the Lovense Domi to the Lovense Connect app is a snap. Just download the app and it auto-detects the Domi, establishing a connection with a single tap. From the app, you’re able to customize your low, medium and high settings, as well as control the “disco light” located just below the head. This light is super-practical for cam models, as it will give your customer a visual queue to let them know the toy is working. One drawback is that the light can only be turned off from the app. There’s no way to do it from the toy itself.

The Lovense Domi is widely considered the most powerful (and therefore the most popular) wand-style vibrator on the market, and for good reason. The level 2 vibration settings are extremely intense, to the point where many users never have the need to move to the “too hot to handle” level 3. Level 3 is so strong that many a cam-model might lose the power of speech, a critical tool of the trade, from prolonged use. The most glaring drawback here is the level 1 setting. At level 2 and above, the head of the Domi is pitch-perfect in emulating the rotating sensation of a Hitachi. At level 1, it feels more like a straight, lack-luster vibration. Another issue with level 1 is that it causes the handle to shake violently, which makes you have to grip it hard to keep from dropping it. This shaking inexplicably disappears at higher settings.

These power levels are adjusted from the up and down buttons located on the handle. You can also adjust and customize them from the app, and even have the toy respond to music. Changing modes on the Domi itself is simple, but another minor flaw is that these buttons are flush with the handle and sensitive. If you’re maintaining a firm grip, it’s very easy to accidentally hit the buttons and cycle to a different setting.

Adult Toy Interactivity:

In your chatroom, the Lovense Domi can be used manually (meaning its settings and use are entirely up to you), as a tip responsive toy that activates for a length of time that corresponds with a customer’s tip, or as a 1-way toy where you can give your customer control of the device. The customizable power settings are a huge benefit for cam models, as this toy has the power to push you to the limits of your endurance. But, if you keep the power setting too low, the device will cause your hand and arm to shake visibly.

Domi Cons:

The Lovense Domi wins huge points for power, ease of use, and versatility. Its most glaring drawbacks are:

  1. Sensitive buttons are easy to press during play.
  2. The handle vibrates on low-power settings, making it more taxing to grip the toy if you don’t want to turn the power up.
  3. The fun “disco light” can’t be disabled from the device. Only the app.

Our Verdict:

This super powerful microphone-shaped magic wand can be an absolute thrill to use. It’s compact, easy to clean, and has a decent battery life. At higher power settings you may have to pace yourself. Whether controlling it through tips or through 1-way interactivity, customers are going to love your reactions. While the Lovense Domi is by no means unusable at lower settings, a long cam session while keeping a tight grip on the shaking handle can be taxing. Best to maintain a cool Level 2.  

Get more information at the Lovense Domi website

best sex toys

2-Way Toys: A Real-World Introduction

I want to dive deep into interactive devices. I recently spoke about “interactive devices” here. But what are they and what can they do for cam models? They’re sex toys (vibes, phalluses, masturbation sleeves … etc) that can be connected to a mobile app. Through the app, they can be controlled by a remote user, even thousands of miles away. And the latest models, like the Fuse (which I wrote about here) allow this control on a 2-way level; meaning that two people with compatible toys on different sides of the planet can express themselves physically in a mutual way. For people in long distance relationships, this means their intimacy can cross continents.


For cam guys and cam girls, 2-way interactive toys offer a new level  of immersion to your performances. After all, immersion is one of the biggest selling points of a cam show. It’s already an interactive experience, where your customers can converse with you, get to know you, have real conversations, and make real-time naughty requests. A successful private show is usually one that most caters to the customer’s desires, right? Therefore, toys that give you the ability to express yourselves physically as well as emotionally should only heighten the experience.

So are 2-way interactive toys taking the camming world by storm? Well, I think what we’re seeing at the moment is a technological revolution in its fledgling stages. It reminds me of VR, which is huge and mainstream now, but gained its first foothold in the adult industry.

best sex toys Flirt4Free is the first of the big-name cam sites to fully embrace these toys. Their interactive page offers customers and models a full tutorial on connecting and controlling a wide variety of devices. Top model, Nazanin Hunter’s interactive Fuse show is viewable as a Video on Demand, and the site reviewed this performance on their blog. If you have the means, I highly recommend watching it. It’s a great example of this exciting tech in action. “My squirt show is the best show I do, and when it’s interactive, it’s even better, because my customers can give me real pleasure,” Nazanin said when asked about these devices. “It’s so much more intimate. I feel closer to my customers and now I don’t have to do all the work! (laughs) They can help me!”

Feel Everything

We asked several other Flirt4Free models about the effect of 2-way interactive on their performances and, more importantly, their profitability.

Popular duo Crhistian & Dereckk often use the Fuse and the Onyx2 into their hardcore shows.

“It’s way more fun because it’s not just us that feel everything. The customers can feel what we do. So there is a stronger connection, even with a great distance between us,” said Crhistian.

“My favorite is when I can tie Crhistian up,” his partner Dereckk added, “then use the toys to let the customer drive him wild. That really makes him moan and brings in some fantastic tips. There’s really no other experience like it.”

Fast-rising cam girl, Antonela Adams, had this to say about her Fuse shows: “I never had a toy like this before, that another person could control. It was so impressive. The sensations we both feel are much deeper. It allows us to be closer and interact more. And after an interactive show, I’m always certain my customers will come back to me.”

Logan Cardenas, one of Flirt’s elite male models, has also recently integrated the Fuse into his performances. “I always loved using toys in private shows. And these toys are so cool, because not only do the customers get to feel pleasure along with you, but many of them offer different sensations depending on whether you use your hand or mouth on it, or put it inside you. It makes privates way more dynamic.”

Ground Floor

This feels like the right time to get in on the ground floor of this movement. Two-way toys are on the rise, and only slightly more costly than the average quality sex toy. Offering your potential customers a level of immersion they can’t find anywhere else is a surefire way to make yourself stand out from other cam models, and has the potential to pay dividends as 2-way becomes more prevalent throughout the industry.

Esca Interactive Toy

ESCA: Review

The Esca represents another collaboration in interactive sex toy design by Kiiroo and OhMiBod, the same industry giants who brought you the Fuse. While it’s a very different toy, it comes with some similar features. It’s Bluetooth enabled, remotely controllable through the FeelConnect App, and also comes with some powerful pre-set vibration settings. The most glaring difference between the two is: as a wearable g-spot vibe, it only offers 1-way interactivity, meaning that your customer or long-distance lover can control the device and stimulate you, but you can’t return the favor.

The Essentials:

Esca Interactive DeviceThe Kiirroo website markets the Esca as “56 grams of pleasure.” Comprised of the same sleek silicon matte material as the Fuse, this toy feels fantastic to the touch. Its slim design (1.3 inch diameter) makes it comfortable to wear for extended sessions and, when fully charged, the vibrations are powerful and can really rumble through your body.

One of the most frustrating things about the majority of app-enabled sex toys is how difficult to be to establish the Bluetooth connection. As we saw with the Fuse, Kiiroo and OhMiBod have done a lot to simplify this process in their devices. Putting the Esca in Bluetooth mode is as simple as holding the power button for 3-4 seconds.

Switching it to manual mode can be slightly more annoying, because it requires multiple clicks of the power button, waiting for the first pulsation, and then pressing the button over again to browse through its different sensations. While this can cause some mode cycling, with only 1 button to press, it’s still relatively easy to achieve the manual setting you desire.


Esca Interactive DeviceOther reviews that are not necessarily cam-model-centric have called the Esca a great introductory device for Long Distance play. I would have to agree. It’s a fantastic toy, and customers are sure to enjoy having the hands-on experience of controlling the way it stimulates you. Connecting to your remote user is a snap (as easy as the Fuse, which you can read about here).

It only lacks in the ability to have 2-way play. A wearable vibe that can somehow integrate the same touch-sensitive technology found in the Fuse would be even more fun, and could certainly be more lucrative for cam models. All-in-all, as a way to introduce interactive play into your chatroom or private shows, the Esca is definitely a great starting point.


The esca certainly wins points for ease of use, vibration power, and comfortability. It’s major drawbacks are:

  • Lacks the 2-way versatility of the Fuse. While it’s compatible with all the same devices, one of the major turn-ons for customers is the “hands-on” experience of mutual responsiveness. If you have a lot of customers with their own interactive toys, the Fuse just can’t be topped for versatility.
  • Splash resistant, and not water resistant due to the charge port. The Esca can’t be submerged in water, so cleaning it during and after a broadcast is not super quick or convenient. Fortunately, the high-quality silicon is quite cling-resistant and doesn’t gather dust.
  • Again, just like the Fuse, the battery life is a little lacking. Getting an hour of use out of the Esca requires 1.5 to 2 hours of charge time. For a couple using this toy to spice up a long distance relationship, that’s fine. But if you plan on making it an integral part of your cam shows, make sure you’re charging it diligently.


The Esca is a well-designed, great feeling sex toy that’s compatible with virtually every popular 2-way toy in common use. Its shortcomings are most glaring when compared to the highly versatile Fuse. If it were to somehow integrate 2-way interactivity, and the amazing touch-sensitive technology found in its counterpart, it could be the best wearable interactive vibe on the market.