If you’ve been close to the camming industry, you may have heard the term “Gamefication” come up here and there. But what is it? And how can cam games help you make money from home?

Put simply, gamification borrows the mechanics of a game and puts it into a non-gaming environment. It locks on to the part of a game that makes them addictive and fun and applies it in a new circumstance. So how can your chatroom be gamified? The answer is not necessarily in the specific games you play in chat, but in the rewards for participating.

First, playing games in and of itself can increase your audience’s engagement. They can bring chat rooms to life as people feel the urge to participate, and the spirit of competition sets in. For a long time, camgirls and camguys have found that playing games is a fun and profitable way to make money on cam.

Here is a great list of cam games that translate well into live-cam shows. http://www.howareyoubb.com/2016/05/23/games-play-fans-cam/

Many of the cam games on this list are tried and tested when it comes to helping cam models make extra money from the comfort of home. But how can you bring the “gamefication” of your show to the next level? Well, you can add some of the key elements used in video games that help players stay engaged. The game itself is not the entirety of what makes customers want to play. The sense of progress and reward are equally important, and can elevate your cam show games to add replay value … or in the case of a cam show, could inspire your players to want to come back and play again, or keep playing for extended periods of time. Make sure you first understand all the types of shows here.

  1. Have clear instructions and keep it simple! Being online as a camgirl or camguy is a visual medium. You must keep your cam games fairly simple to make sure the games translate easily. There won’t be an instruction manual available, especially for fans who come in after the game is already in progress.
  2. Progress Bars: according to articles on gaming psychology, players stick to a game when they’re close to “leveling up” or unlocking some new perk or achievement. Adding a visual aid to a show that you will, for example, take your bra off when you earn 200 credits in tips, will inspire your fans both to contribute, and to stick around to see that goal achieved. In their tip-driven “party chat” show type, Flirt4Free allows their models to have just such a visual aid on screen. The party meter fills up as customers tip, with several goal-markers along the way. Having these goals visible throughout the show can be really beneficial.
  3. Demonstrating a journey: while throwing in some unsuspecting surprises throughout your show will definitely thrill your “players”, you should offer them a challenge and a clear goal to achieve. Show your audience the steps they must take to create the “story” they’ve come to see, ie: a steamy live cam show as the big prize.
  4. Rewards big and small: As with the earlier tip-based party chat example, you can encourage continued play by “unlocking new features”, but you can also recognize greatness in your cam games (ie big tips) with special rewards, like a free pass to recorded content or free private minutes to your biggest in-game tipper. Or even fan club membership. Be sure to reward “good tipping” behavior.
  5. Leaderboards: What’s the point of winning a game if you can’t show off your victory? Think about maintaining a leaderboard on your cam-site or your personal website honoring your most generous fans. Not only will it inspire friendly competition between your customers, but it’s a great way to show them you appreciate their support!

So, the next time you introduce a raffle, sexy dice, or a wheel of fortune into a cam show, try adding multiple levels of rewards and visual aids into your performance and be sure to show customers who is in the lead, and what they stand to win for playing.

You may be playing longer, more lucrative cam games in no time.