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It’s no secret that now, more than ever, people are taking their creative and professional lives into their own hands, and making the most of what they have and of what they can do. It’s all about the gig. Webcam modeling as a way to earn extra money in this “gig economy” is not only smart, but absolutely enjoyable and unique.


What makes webcam modeling a great choice for extra gigs is that you can do it right from the comfort of your own home. Depending on the site, the sign-up process is usually pretty quick, and some webcam companies have excellent service in terms of walking new models through the process of signing up and thriving on site.


Also, camming is great, because it opens you to a worldwide audience. If you’re a taxi driver, you’re bound by the actual physical location of where you work from (i.e. your car). Not so with camming. You can cam from anywhere (given the rules and regulation of your platform of choice), and you can connect to a huge audience consisting of people from all around the world. You can also control which countries and/or states you don’t want to see you. “Geo-blocking” is what it’s called. A lot of models do it. It’s all about building your brand and how you want to be seen (and where you want to be seen from).


gig economyAnother reason why camming is so great in the gig economy is that you can set your own hours. Don’t like waking up early to clock in on time at your office job? No worries. You can cam over your morning cup of coffee. Also, you can cam in the shower. Third, you can cam from the comfort of your own bed. Now, not many other professional opportunities can boast that level of freedom. Truly, camming is one of the most innovative and easy-to-start paths you’ll ever encounter.


Finally, camming allows you to express yourself in ways that more traditional jobs do not. With camming you can develop yourself as a public speaker, an entertainer, a dancer, a singer, and on and on. Fans will love coming to your room to spend time with you. You’ll become someone special to people all over the world. As a model, they’ll look up to you and love being with you. It truly is a unique experience as you learn the personalities and stories of so many people around the globe.

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CAM MODEL: 3 Hot Cam Locations

In today’s article, we’ll look at how a cam model can switch it up with three “hot” (metaphorically speaking) places you could cam from that will spice up your spectacular broadcasts. Do you have a favorite interesting and unique spot to cam from? Drop us a line and let us know. Hey, maybe we’ll write an article about it. We are always looking for more hot places for cam from.

Here we go!


cam model beachIt’s likely that those watching aren’t interested in food when they’re watching you, but you better believe they have an appetite for something that only a cam model can provide them with! So, why not take them deep into a real fantasy place, a place where their imaginations will come to life. Pretend you’re sharing a nice meal with them by preparing some food while you cam? Or, you don’t even have to make food — make some tea, a creamy coffee, or a healthy fruit smoothie. The purpose here is to switch up your location to provide your fans with another glimpse of what makes you special. The more you can craft the illusion of spending time together, the more they will return to your chat room.


Make your audience want you even more by giving them a view of you drenched in warm soothing water? Don’t want to shower? No problem. Draw a bubble bath and let them almost feel the warm softness of those sultry suds. Just don’t drop your computer!! Your fans will LOVE seeing you sensually bathe yourself. Want to turn this shower or bath adventure into a tease? That’s easy. Put on a sexy bathing suit and encourage them to “tip” the bathing suit off you. They’ll love the fact that you’ve enticed their imagination, and they’ll love to see what you look like in a swim suit.


Buy some colored gels and use them to filter the light in your room. Just make sure you follow all safety precautions and make sure the gels are safe to use near your lights. Once you figure that out, turn your room into your very own cam model dance club. Fans will adore the fact that you’ve taken the time to transform your room into a dance club. Maybe even use a strobe light or project some kind of funky-flashy image on the wall. Whatever you do, you’re creating a fantasy space for your fans to lose themselves in you. You are the dream experience that they’ve been waiting for.

While there are probably a million other places to cam model from, these are three that you can start using TODAY. Stay tuned as we open this article series up to include cool places around the world that you cam from! I think the main lesson to take away is that it really does matter where you are. Your fans will always be paying attention to your location. Your location speaks to your personality and your fans love your personality (along with your looks, right?). Give your fans a unique location, or decorate your room in a way that speaks to your mood, and your fans will react accordingly. Give it a try!

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