While not unprecedented, an interactive male masturbation sleeve is not a common site in cam model’s chatroom.  You might encounter this kind of sex toy while performing as a male model as a top, or as an addition to a couple or group show. But can these interactive devices such as the Kiiroo Titan help you make money on cam?

While we’ll look at the Kiiroo Titan as an overall product in this review, we’ll put an emphasis on how it can be used while modeling on cam, and—with camgirls in mind—whether or not it’s a good idea to recommend them to customers looking for a more intimate interactive live cam show.

Design: First the nitty gritty. The Titan stands about 9 inches tall, and 3.5 inches wide, and weighs just under 2lbs. This makes it lighter and more compact than its main competitors, the Fleshlight Launch, and the Kiiroo Onyx2. Thus, it’s more practical and portable. But it also gives the Titan a bit of a cheaper, less than premium feel. The cylinder can be opened for easy access to the silicon sleeve, which can be removed and cleaned. While this is a great addition, the seam in the plastic can depress if the toy is gripped to tightly. Overall, though, this does not really detract from the experience. Finally, competing sleeves have covers available to protect the sleeve and keep it dust free. While no-stick silicon is used, unless wrapped or placed in a case, the Titan’s sleeve is exposed and could be damaged in transit.

Power: Unlike our review of Onyx2 and the Launch, the Titan has no moving parts. The soft latex sleeve is lined by 3 rods containing 9 small motors each. In manual mode, the vibrations and combination of motors can be changed by stroking the 3 touch sensitive power sensors. You can engage the motors all at once, or in separate groups, making for some pretty customizable sensations. But it should be noted this is a very “buzzy” sensation, which may not be for everyone.

Battery Life: Herein lies the biggest challenge in using the Kiiroo Titan in a live cam show, and one of the Titan’s most glaring cons. The Titan requires 3 hours of charge time for only 40 minutes of use. For prolonged use in making money on cam, or in the hand of your customers, using the Titan will require some foresight to make sure it’s charged.

Connectivity: Connecting the titan to your mobile device is a simple, 2 click process using the FeelConnect App. And no issues were encountered in our testing of the local/partner connectivity, or when connecting to other Kiiroo toys for use in a live cam show. 

Interactivity: The reliability review of the Titan really shines when in interactive mode. The motors are responsive, and vary in intensity at the slightest increase or decrease in pressure on the toy it’s paired with. (For our purposes, we used a Fuse, which you can read about here.) Manipulating the Fuse triggered the different motor groups consistently, with little-to-no lag in the process. Conversely, if you’re a Fuse owner and your customer has the Titan, the Fuse continues to prove its top-of-the-line designation, responding to the Titan’s power buttons instantly and pleasurably.


Part 1) Should you use the Kiiroo Titan in your live cam show? Our review gives it a tentative “thumbs up”. While the battery life can prove challenging, the reliable connection to your site and your customer’s devices are a big boon that can help you make more money on cam. Another boon is: the Kiiroo Titan is priced at about $150, much more affordable than either of its competitors.

Part 2) Should you recommend the Kiiroo Titan to customers looking for an interactive live cam experience with you? It depends. If your customer is on a budget, the Titan will provide them with a good experience … but, we’d rank it in 3rd place: far behind the Launch and slightly behind the Onyx2. If you want your customer’s interactive experience to be as close to real, mind-blowing sex as possible, point them to the Fleshlight Launch every time!  You can purchase the Titan directly at the Kiiroo website.