The Edge is a dual-motor prostate massager from Lovense, the makers of the Lush and the Domi, two of the most popular sex toys seen on cam sites. It’s made of smooth, body safe silicon, and is waterproof (rather than water-resistant). It can be used for manual play, remotely through the Lovense Edge App, and on cam as tip-responsive.

Edge Design:

From a design perspective, the Edge is revolutionary among prostate massagers. It is wishbone shaped and each arm is individually motorized. The thicker stem stimulates the perineum while the thinner stem is inserted to vibrate against the prostate. Where the edge really shines from this perspective is that the width between each vibrating stem is adjustable, which makes it more comfortable for a male webcam model to wear for prolonged sessions, and more accurate when aiming for the “sweet spot”. Be forewarned, though: if you’re new to anal play, the Edge’s prostate arm is on the thick side.


Like other Lovense toys, the Edge is in the upper tiers in the power department. Its lowest setting packs a punch, and medium and high ratchet up the intensity considerably. In manual mode, there are 3 power levels and 4 preset vibration patters that pulse and wave pleasantly. But while the Domi (which you can read about here) might be “too powerful” for some, each power level on the edge is reasonable, depending on your sensitivity. At its highest setting, the sensations are deep and rumbly.

App Connectivity:

Lovense toys are among the easiest to operate, technologically speaking. Just like the Domi, once you install the app on your smartphone or tablet, it automatically detects the toy, and is connected with a single tap. However, in the case of the edge, connectivity issues seem to be a bit more common of a complaint.

Edge interactivity:

In the chatroom, the edge is ideally suited to tip-responsive anal play for a male webcam model. The length and power of the toy’s response correlates well with the size of the tip you receive. The adjustable nature of the toy ensures that your customers will see genuine reactions that are significantly more intense when they’re more generous. However, though the motors are quite strong, the Edge is relatively quiet, and it has no LED light to give your fans a visual indicator that it’s working.

Lovense Edge Cons:

The Edge wins points for power, comfort, ease of use, and design. It’s most glaring drawbacks are:

  • Minor connectivity issues
  • Prostate arm might be too thick for newbies
  • No visual indicator for viewers

Our Verdict

This powerful, well-designed and comfortable interactive prostate massager should check all the right boxes for a male webcam model and his fans. The adjustable motorized arms feel amazing internally and externally, and should inspire your customers to go for bigger tips and longer, more blissful reactions. Connectivity problems are infrequent but still worth mentioning, and if you’ve never used an anal toy before, you should expect a slight adjustment period. However, by and large, the Lovense Edge is an exceptional offering for any male webcam model who wants to bring more interactivity into his cam shows.

Learn more at the Lovense Edge Website