The Esca represents another collaboration in interactive sex toy design by Kiiroo and OhMiBod, the same industry giants who brought you the Fuse. While it’s a very different toy, it comes with some similar features. It’s Bluetooth enabled, remotely controllable through the FeelConnect App, and also comes with some powerful pre-set vibration settings. The most glaring difference between the two is: as a wearable g-spot vibe, it only offers 1-way interactivity, meaning that your customer or long-distance lover can control the device and stimulate you, but you can’t return the favor.

The Essentials:

Esca Interactive DeviceThe Kiirroo website markets the Esca as “56 grams of pleasure.” Comprised of the same sleek silicon matte material as the Fuse, this toy feels fantastic to the touch. Its slim design (1.3 inch diameter) makes it comfortable to wear for extended sessions and, when fully charged, the vibrations are powerful and can really rumble through your body.

One of the most frustrating things about the majority of app-enabled sex toys is how difficult to be to establish the Bluetooth connection. As we saw with the Fuse, Kiiroo and OhMiBod have done a lot to simplify this process in their devices. Putting the Esca in Bluetooth mode is as simple as holding the power button for 3-4 seconds.

Switching it to manual mode can be slightly more annoying, because it requires multiple clicks of the power button, waiting for the first pulsation, and then pressing the button over again to browse through its different sensations. While this can cause some mode cycling, with only 1 button to press, it’s still relatively easy to achieve the manual setting you desire.


Esca Interactive DeviceOther reviews that are not necessarily cam-model-centric have called the Esca a great introductory device for Long Distance play. I would have to agree. It’s a fantastic toy, and customers are sure to enjoy having the hands-on experience of controlling the way it stimulates you. Connecting to your remote user is a snap (as easy as the Fuse, which you can read about here).

It only lacks in the ability to have 2-way play. A wearable vibe that can somehow integrate the same touch-sensitive technology found in the Fuse would be even more fun, and could certainly be more lucrative for cam models. All-in-all, as a way to introduce interactive play into your chatroom or private shows, the Esca is definitely a great starting point.


The esca certainly wins points for ease of use, vibration power, and comfortability. It’s major drawbacks are:

  • Lacks the 2-way versatility of the Fuse. While it’s compatible with all the same devices, one of the major turn-ons for customers is the “hands-on” experience of mutual responsiveness. If you have a lot of customers with their own interactive toys, the Fuse just can’t be topped for versatility.
  • Splash resistant, and not water resistant due to the charge port. The Esca can’t be submerged in water, so cleaning it during and after a broadcast is not super quick or convenient. Fortunately, the high-quality silicon is quite cling-resistant and doesn’t gather dust.
  • Again, just like the Fuse, the battery life is a little lacking. Getting an hour of use out of the Esca requires 1.5 to 2 hours of charge time. For a couple using this toy to spice up a long distance relationship, that’s fine. But if you plan on making it an integral part of your cam shows, make sure you’re charging it diligently.


The Esca is a well-designed, great feeling sex toy that’s compatible with virtually every popular 2-way toy in common use. Its shortcomings are most glaring when compared to the highly versatile Fuse. If it were to somehow integrate 2-way interactivity, and the amazing touch-sensitive technology found in its counterpart, it could be the best wearable interactive vibe on the market.