When it comes to webcam jobs time management, there are essentially two basic situations a cam model can face. The first is the model who supplements their day job and family life with the additional income of a camming nightlife. The second is the full-time model, who has the freedom to broadcast whenever it’s best for them.

Time ManagementBoth scenarios require discipline to maintain. The moonlighting models are subject to instances of real-life interfering with their camming time. They must keep a tight schedule and may often feel pressed. While the full-time model may have it easier (and in many ways, they do), this freedom demands a skilled hand at time management.

Here are some quick tips to help you manage your day to day in either scenario.

Webcam Jobs moonlighter:

  • Create an Excel spreadsheet or chart schedule, blocking out your concrete time commitments. Once done, find as many 2-hour blocks you can reasonably set aside for your webcam jobs.
  • Schedule your broadcast time for around the same 2 hours every camming day. This way customers looking to make a return visit will know where and when to find you.
  • Exercise several times a week. The energy demands of balancing webcam jobs and other elements of your life can leave you feeling very drained. While it may seem like a conflicting idea, your doctor will confirm that regular cardio that increases your heart rate will help you maintain your energy level throughout the day and give you more stamina.
  • Make sure your schedule allows for 6-8 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep is detrimental to your health. Not only that, but long hours and lack of sleep will negatively affect your job and your camming performance, making it increasingly difficult for you to maintain both.
  • Be as disciplined as possible in maintaining your schedule. Life events that cut into your camming time are understandable. And, of course, a healthy life requires leisure time as well as work. But if your life feels out of balance due to the demands you place on yourself, consider cutting back on camming by a couple of hours a week. Camming should be as enjoyable as possible. And maintaining a positive attitude is difficult if you find yourself dreading your broadcast time.
  • Consider Outsourcing for certain aspects of your career. Being a cam model is not just the time you spend on camera. It also requires the ability to self-promote on the internet and social media. If you have trouble finding the time to increase your exposure, consider hiring a freelancer to help you edit promotional video clips or optimize your personal website for SEO. This will allow you to dedicate as much of your camming-career energy to your performances and customers.

For the Full-time model:

  • While you have more free hours to webcam on a daily and weekly basis, you should still schedule your time. Make sure the time you’ve scheduled is for webcam jobs alone, and make these time slots as regular as possible so your viewers will know when they can enter your room.
  • No one is looking over your shoulder, so you must exercise your self-discipline. If you’re prone to distraction, try unplugging your television, disconnecting your video game system, or putting your mobile phone in another room during camming hours. This will keep you focused on the job at hand.
  • Keep track of your peek performance hours. The more you cam, the more you’ll note that certain times of the day are more lucrative than others. When life interferes with camming, try and have these time slots set in stone, and enter your chat room at these times well-rested and with your best energy available for your performance.
  • Set goals for yourself. Successful cam models can do well financially, but sometimes it’s hard for even the best to maintain focus if they’re not sure what they’re working for. Set short and long-term goals for yourself. Save for a pricey home improvement, a vacation, or a new car. With these goals in mind, many performers find themselves more invested in their broadcasts.

Practice and Prosper

Time ManagementEffective time management is a skill you can learn through practice. Sometimes new, positive habits are hard to maintain. Be dedicated, but don’t be inflexible. If something in your schedule is making your life more difficult to maintain, move it. Use trial and error to find what works best for you as you embark upon your cam-modeling career. Make your time online a great experience and you’ll be a top model in no time.