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How To Be A Camgirl: Katharine Cane Interview

Katharine Cane has done it all as a camgirl. KinkLive’s 2016 Model of the Year has been a cruel dominatrix, an eager submissive, and everything in between. Since KinkLive partnered with leading cam network, Flirt4Free, Katharine has become one of the web’s hottest fetish models. An active member of the BDSM community for a decade, she governs her cam shows by the mantra of Safe, Sane, Consensual (SSC), and has broken out of the niche of fetish play to become one of Flirt4Free’s most popular performers. We sat down with Ms. Cane to discuss her road to success, how to set firm boundaries in your chatroom, strategies for turning fly-by-night viewers into regular customers, and her general advice on how to be a camgirl.

Guide to Camming (G2C): How long have you been a camgirl?

Katherine: In October I will be celebrating 7 years on cam.

G2C:  What’s the biggest myth about being a cam model?

Katherine: I feel that one of the biggest myths is that girls do it just for shopping money, or because they have no other employment opportunities. Many of us have degrees and other career prospects, but chose to cam full-time because we enjoy the profession.

G2C: What are the most effective means of promoting your chatroom?

Katherine: I think Twitter is huge. I’m a very big fan of it because it is one of the few adult-content friendly social media platforms. Taking advantage of the Mail Blast site feature can be really helpful as well.

G2C: What have been the most effective ways of bringing in more viewers?

Katherine: Putting in the time, patience, and being myself. Over time, viewers get to know you and will keep coming back. Eventually, that viewership snowballs.

G2C: What do you think makes you stand out from other cam models?

Katherine: I cater to a wide range of interests, but only because they are things I enjoy myself. I think sticking to what you enjoy and being genuine is the most important thing.

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1st Week as a Camgirl?

G2C: What were your first few weeks as a cam model like? What should rookie cam models expect in their first few weeks of broadcasting?

Katherine: When I first started camming, I was a little nervous. I had to figure out what I was comfortable with, and how to set boundaries. It can be a little slow at first, but don’t get disheartened. It took me about 6 months to build enough of a fan base to be able to quit my soul sucking “day job”, but now that I have I don’t think I would want to go back.

G2C: What are some mistakes a rookie cam model might make, and what should they do to avoid them?

Katherine: I would say a huge mistake is doing things you are not comfortable doing because you don’t want to disappoint a customer. There will be other guys. Don’t ever do something you don’t want to do!

G2C: What techniques or strategies would you recommend to turn a new customer into a regular?

Katherine: Be yourself! Your personality is what they will fall in love with and how you will establish a relationship! Also, take advantage of the tools available to you. Use the notes feature to remember what a customer likes for next time. Putting in that little extra effort will show them you care.

G2C: What are some effective and fun ways a camgirl can keep her viewers engaged?

Katherine: I try to come up with new and creative things to do in shows. I always try to have a game for Holiday contest events that goes with the theme. I also do things like a Fan Club-only cooking show once a week, as well as a prize wheel on Sundays to mix things up.

G2C: Have asked other models for advice on How To Be A Camgirl? Did they teach you any successful techniques?

Katherine: : There are so many talented models on the site that it’s hard to pick just a few! I follow a lot of other models, and get ideas from them. However, I always try to make things my own as well.

G2C: If someone asked you How To Be A Camgirl, what’s the most important advice you’d offer?

Katherine: … never take things personally. I used to get really upset when I’d have a slow day, or a guy would come into my room just to be mean. Then I realized everyone has slow days. It’s not because I am not good enough. And when people are mean, it’s not about me. It’s about trying to get a reaction out of anyone. They will probably do the exact same thing in any other room they go to. I don’t need to let it spoil my mood.

You can visit Katharine Cane’s Flirt4Free profile to see how she markets herself to viewers and fans. Her collection of free photographs offer excellent examples of sexy on-brand marketing. Here’s a review of one of Katharine’s hot cam shows on the Flirt4Free blog. You can also draw inspiration from any of her 1,200+ videos, or learn more about her by following her on Twitter and Instagram.

For more great advice on how to be a camgirl, check out the cam model section of webcam4money. And if you’re a cam guy, click on over to malemodelingonline.

Lovense Domi

Lovense Domi: Review

The Lovense Domi is the competitor to that staple of sex-toy collections: the Hitachi Magic Wand. It is compact, Bluetooth enabled, app controlled, and tip responsive, and as with most Lovense toys, has an almost unparalleled ease of use when it comes to these features. As with the Esca and Esca 2, the interactive capabilities of this toy are limited to 1-way control, so your customer can control the device, but it won’t connect to their toy.

Domi Pros:

Despite packing a huge and pleasurable punch, the Lovense Domi is much smaller than your typical Hitachi, coming in at 9.2 inches. The body is plastic and the head is flexible, smooth, body-safe silicon. 90 minutes of charge time equates to roughly 90 minutes of continuous use. It’s easy to clean, and water resistant (not water proof because of the charge port).

For short-range or long distance use, connecting the Lovense Domi to the Lovense Connect app is a snap. Just download the app and it auto-detects the Domi, establishing a connection with a single tap. From the app, you’re able to customize your low, medium and high settings, as well as control the “disco light” located just below the head. This light is super-practical for cam models, as it will give your customer a visual queue to let them know the toy is working. One drawback is that the light can only be turned off from the app. There’s no way to do it from the toy itself.

The Lovense Domi is widely considered the most powerful (and therefore the most popular) wand-style vibrator on the market, and for good reason. The level 2 vibration settings are extremely intense, to the point where many users never have the need to move to the “too hot to handle” level 3. Level 3 is so strong that many a cam-model might lose the power of speech, a critical tool of the trade, from prolonged use. The most glaring drawback here is the level 1 setting. At level 2 and above, the head of the Domi is pitch-perfect in emulating the rotating sensation of a Hitachi. At level 1, it feels more like a straight, lack-luster vibration. Another issue with level 1 is that it causes the handle to shake violently, which makes you have to grip it hard to keep from dropping it. This shaking inexplicably disappears at higher settings.

These power levels are adjusted from the up and down buttons located on the handle. You can also adjust and customize them from the app, and even have the toy respond to music. Changing modes on the Domi itself is simple, but another minor flaw is that these buttons are flush with the handle and sensitive. If you’re maintaining a firm grip, it’s very easy to accidentally hit the buttons and cycle to a different setting.

Adult Toy Interactivity:

In your chatroom, the Lovense Domi can be used manually (meaning its settings and use are entirely up to you), as a tip responsive toy that activates for a length of time that corresponds with a customer’s tip, or as a 1-way toy where you can give your customer control of the device. The customizable power settings are a huge benefit for cam models, as this toy has the power to push you to the limits of your endurance. But, if you keep the power setting too low, the device will cause your hand and arm to shake visibly.

Domi Cons:

The Lovense Domi wins huge points for power, ease of use, and versatility. Its most glaring drawbacks are:

  1. Sensitive buttons are easy to press during play.
  2. The handle vibrates on low-power settings, making it more taxing to grip the toy if you don’t want to turn the power up.
  3. The fun “disco light” can’t be disabled from the device. Only the app.

Our Verdict:

This super powerful microphone-shaped magic wand can be an absolute thrill to use. It’s compact, easy to clean, and has a decent battery life. At higher power settings you may have to pace yourself. Whether controlling it through tips or through 1-way interactivity, customers are going to love your reactions. While the Lovense Domi is by no means unusable at lower settings, a long cam session while keeping a tight grip on the shaking handle can be taxing. Best to maintain a cool Level 2.  

Get more information at the Lovense Domi website

Video Cam Modeling

Video Cam Modeling – Tips for Success

Why do customers visit video cam modeling sites? Why do they take video cam models into private or pay-per-minute shows? Do fans of cam guys and cam girls seek something more than just a nude body?

Many of the most successful people in video cam modeling will tell you that ‘sexy activity’ actually takes up a much smaller percentage of their time on cam than an outsider might think. A larger chunk of their day is occupied by enticing, teasing, and communicating. While the physical aspects of cam modeling are important to just about every customer, these other elements are equally important. You can be hot, and someone will enter your room. But then what? To keep them there, you must call upon your creativity, imagination, communication skills, and, perhaps most importantly, your ability to flirt.

Useful video cam modeling skills:

1. Teasing Users:

Finding you or the fantasy you project physically appealing is the first step of drawing in customers as long-term fans. Set a firm line for what you’ll do in free chat. Then, try performing a striptease, or a few simple flashes that reach exactly that line without crossing it. You won’t have to mention money. You won’t have to mention going private. Just give new visitors enough to make them dream about what they’ll be missing. They already know how to get more. You just have to make them click.  

2. Better Engagement:

With video cam modeling, you never know where your next big tip or epic private show is coming from. So try to engage all your visitors. Communicate with them. Talk and contribute to the dialogue. If there’s an ongoing conversation and some users are sitting silent, ask their opinions. Or you can come right out and ask your viewers what they want to see—what their fantasy is—and then find a way to connect with it. Simple acknowledgement can make them feel welcome, and a deeper level of conversation can do even more to engage and entice them. Share your own fantasies as well. Let them imagine themselves fulfilling them. Watch for ways of building a deeper connection: Dirty Talk for Video Cam Models

3. How To Entice Users:

Through Visuals: Breathing life into a customers fantasy is the bread and butter of a video cam model’s day. Your attitude, your attire, and even your broadcast space can hint to a new viewer that they’ve come to the right place. One day, you can just be lying on your bed in your PJs, talking about wet dreams. Another day you could be in a school girl skirt, sitting at your desk trying to study through your stream of naughty thoughts. You’re in control of the atmosphere of your chatroom. And you have it in your power to make it inviting—a place where your potential fans can fulfill their fantasies. Be creative, be imaginative and always try to have fun.

Ready to start video cam modeling? Here’s the best sites for sign-up.

Cam Models: Make Money Online

Cam Guy

Adult Cam Jobs – 4 Sign-up Sites

Are you ready for adult cam jobs? Here are my recommendations for safe, secure sign up sites for aspiring cam guys, cam girls, and cam couples.

1 – Modeling on Cam – Females, Girls

This site caters to all types of models, from guys and girls to LGBTQ and couples. Along with a quick, secure signup process, they offer a dearth of helpful information for those just starting out in their cam model job. The FAQ section is as informative as the one on Eye Candy, and their on-site blog offers a ton of practical advice for performers of any experience level. Check out their article on preparing for your first live cam show. All in all, Modeling on Cam presents a great resource for anyone new to cam. To Sign Up Click Here.

2 – Male Modeling Online – Males, Guys

This is one of the few recruitment sites dedicated exclusively to male cam model jobs. The resources they offer are invaluable to a male camming community. Adult cam guys make up a huge portion of the cam model population, but there are very few sites focused solely on them. Male Modeling Online features a great snapshot into the many ways guys can make money on adult cam jobs, a fast signup, and a reliable turnaround time. To Sign Up Click Here.

3 – Webcam 4 Money – Couples, Fetish

Not only does Webcam 4 Money offer potential new cam models a quick, easy, and secure sign-up, but the site itself offers a ton of fantastic advice in quick, digestible snapshots. It’s a great jumping-off point for researching any topic of interest, both for brand new models, and for other adult-industry performers looking to switch to a adult cam jobs. If you’ve danced as a stripper, they have a section for that. If you’re a porn star, they have a section for that. They even provide an overview of the best and most affordable tech new adult cam models should use. To Sign Up Click Here.

4 – Eye Candy Web Models – Top Models

Another reliable recruitment site is Eye Candy Web Models. It’s a fast sign up, and once you fill out the online form, you’ll be contacted within 24 hours. Like these other sites, it offers an informative snapshot of what cam model jobs demand. There are sections on tech, cam model earning potential, and, though not flashy, the FAQ section is great for filling in the blanks when researching adult cam jobs. The site itself is focused on cam girls, at least visually. But the advice they offer is sound for either gender, and the application makes it clear that male models are in demand as well. To apply, Sign Up here.