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Keep Customers

Keep Them in Your Room

Keeping customers in your room is not easy, but it’s always the best method for success. But how can an up-and-coming model retain customers day in and day out? While there’s no surefire way that will work 100% of the time, there are simple things that you can do to increase your chances at having a successful time online? But how? Well, read on.

Keep CustomersLet’s dive right in. Even better, let’s get aphoristic: Be seductive by being the fantasy that your customers want (even if they don’t know they want it), and they’ll be yours. Keep them in your room by giving them a truly “fantastic” experience. While this sounds easy, it might not be as easy as you think.

Customers can be demanding. They can be very mouthy and opinionated. It’s your task to learn how to seduce them into what you want. How can you do that? Keep things fresh. The more “in the moment” you are, responding to what your customers are saying, or playing into the fantasy of the role that you are perpetuating, the closer you probably are to a successful turn of events. 

Since your room is probably a mixture of new and old customers, keep things fresh in any way that you can. Have interesting things to talk about. Switch up your locations. Indulge in outfits that will drive your room wild. Your goal is to be the best host that you can be. In doing this, your customers will remember the experience that they have with you. They’ll remember you. They’ll “favorite” you and visit your chat room time after time after time. If you get “lucky,”some customers will want to whisk you away to private every time you come online. Some customers will dream of loading their account up with credits (or whatever monetary system your cam site of choice uses) and giving you a piece of themselves.

Do all this and you run the chance to become special to your customers. And offering a superior product that customers will want to come back to time and again is special. It lasts. 

Imaginative Fantasy

An Imaginative Fantasy!

Your cam space is an imaginative fantasy! This might seem confusing, but I certainly don’t want it to be. Also, in no way does this tip rail against the “Be Yourself” adage that is excellent to abide by, and very helpful in clearing your mind and letting yourself get into the cam groove.

Imaginative FantasyThat said, always remember that, at heart, you’re giving your customers a live show. Imagine flipping through television channels and landing on a show that catches your attention. Well, to viewers, that channel is your room (or should be). When anyone enters your room, they are entering whatever enticing fantasy space you have chosen to show off in. Maybe on day one, you’re lounging in your pajamas while lying in bed, framed provocatively. Sip your coffee. Tell them about your wet dreams. Maybe on day two, you’re a strict teacher, dressed to the hilt, ready to role-play a dominant fantasy. Maybe you’re shaking your sexy hips in the kitchen, energetic and cooking up a tasty treat. Or, maybe you’re just “you.” And that’s great. Relax. Enjoy.

But also keep in mind the “show” nature of a broadcast. Whatever you choose to do in this heightened reality, remember that you’re choosing to invite people into a fantasy space that you control. You control the lighting, the music, the mood, the outfits, the setting, and whatever personality you want to portray. So, yes, be yourself. Always. But, also, don’t forget that this exciting journey allows you the possibility to drive your customers wild by giving them a fantasy only you can deliver.  


Communication is King

CommunicationAs a model, your chat room is not only driven by your physical performance and sexual appeal, but also by how you choose to interact (i.e. chat or speak or communicate) with those who have chosen to spend time (and hopefully money) in your room. Thus, it’s very important how you communicate with those who have chosen to spend time with you online. Greeting customers with a blown kiss, a wave, a smile, with a vocal shout-out, or with a personalized whisper can catch their attention and make them want to further interact with you. Of course, we all have moments when we just want to relax and keep quiet, but remember that new people are coming into your room all the time. At heart, communication is king. 

Unless you’re fully engaged in a physical performance (dancing, exercising, etc.), take a moment to say or write, “Hi” to those who’ve opened the virtual door to your fantasy space and let them know that you recognize them. Even if they don’t reply to you, that doesn’t mean they’re not taking note of how you interact with them. Any gesture of flirtatious kindness or genuine niceness that you express will make a positive impact on your customers.

CommunicationKeep in mind that some users also enjoy watching a chat unfold as a kind of silent voyeur. They want to see your replies to others. They want to hear your voice. They want to hear you laugh and moan. They want to experience whatever role you’re performing. In short, they want to watch you. Taking a moment to talk to your customers, even if they don’t reply, could transform your live experience in a positive and more profitable way.

And, at the end of the day, don’t we all want to look back at the work we did on cam and think, “Wow, that was a great experience.” By exercising better communication strategies, we are taking those steps to better ourselves and better how our rooms operate. Plus, we are taking concrete steps to increase the good energy in our room, and, in doing so, increase how much we can make in a cam session. Keep positive. You can do it!


What is a silent room? Well, a silent room is a room where no one is engaging with you, where you are not engaging with your fans, and where, in general, nothing much is really going on. Maybe you’ve had the experience of visiting other models’ cam rooms and, upon entering, seen that no one is chatting, no one is talking. Maybe the model is gazing off into space. Or, maybe he or she is checking their cell phone or yawning, etc. Ask yourself, is this a good look for a cam model? Is this type of behavior going to attract customers? Do you think customers will be impressed by this behavior? Professionally, we at Guide to Camming, tend to think not.

Avoid a silent room… at all costs. Your time on cam is limited. Maybe you are online for two hours, four hours, or eight hours. In that time, treat your room like a performance space. And always remember your purpose. Do you want customers to take you into some kind of a private show? Maybe you want customers to throw tips your way in the open room? Whatever your purpose, strive to make that happen. Being bored to appearing bored won’t accomplish that goal. The more goal-oriented you are, the better results you will have. And maybe you don’t have a goal. That’s fine. Be fluid. Let yourself be open to the possibilities and see what happens. But, at all times, don’t settle for a silent room. You are in control and you are the star of the show.

Music helps. Music can help you open yourself up on cam. It can also help lighten the mood of your room. Try creating a playlist that makes you feel sexy and confident and compliments your persona on cam. What would you call such a playlist? Would the first song be one that energizes the room or would it be something personal and inward-facing? The playlist you create or choose should suit your style. Show customers who you are by how you express yourself. Personally, I like to choose music that gets me in an absolutely hyped-up mood and makes me feel sexy so that my camming persona never drops.

How about you?



Look Lively 2When customers enter your room, they are presented with your image. They will instinctively react to how you appear on cam — how your body appears on cam. Do you look bored? Maybe you look careless? Are you pouting in a frustrated way? Or, perhaps you are emanating an irritated vibe? No matter what, you are going to want to look lively and approachable. Sometimes, even through the distance of a webcam, people will be intimidated by you. Unless you are purposely cultivating that effect, you’ll want to work on how you are coming off to people who are coming into your room.


Look Lively 4What’s one great way to look both lively and approachable? Well, there’s a saying that, “nothing is more beautiful on a man or a woman than a confident smile.” There’s something magical about the power of a welcoming smile. When you appear to be welcoming and happy you invite that kind of energy into your room. And, the more comfortable and content your customers become, the more they are going to want to spend time with you. Sometimes, we don’t even realize that we are not smiling. In truth, it’s very possible that appear too serious on cam, and hence aren’t getting the tips that you feel you deserve. Spin that around and focus on the positive energy of building a room where everyone is welcome and everyone is positive.


Look Lively 4Finally, I know this is not always easy to do, but trust me, it’s worth it. And your fans will thank you, too. I compare it to the experience of watching a late night television talk show host. In every clip I watch, I’m joined by an upbeat and funny personality. Sure, sometimes such hosts discuss serious matters, but most of the time, their presence is focused on keeping things funny. That’s a major skill. Also, the television talk show host thrives on their ability to be lively and approachable. If you don’t believe me, conduct an experiment. Go to Youtube and look around for popular late night talk show host clips. Analyze their behavior, how they make their audiences laugh, how they tell jokes. And if you think such celebrities don’t apply to your situation, I think you’re wrong. In my opinion, you are an entertainer just like they are. So, take a moment and try to work on your smile. Show your room that you welcome them into your lovely space. Notice the difference.


It will be palpable.