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How To Be A Cam Model: Slow Days!

It’s one of those days. There are customers in your room, but the chat panel is quiet. How to be a cam model when no one is engaging you in conversation, no one is making requests, and though you see the screen names of viewers populating your list, you find yourself wondering “is there anybody out there?”

As a cam model, how do you handle this situation? What is a cam model supposed to do? Here are some tips to help you cope with the slow times, some suggestions on how to improve them, and some techniques to help you turn it around.

  • Are you typing or talking? Usually, a successful cam model will be talking and showing their personality as much as possible, but when modeling on cam, especially in slow times, it’s a good idea to approach the customers in your room in any way you can. Most cam models will say talking is absolutely the way to go, but when you have viewers who need to be discreet in their viewing environments (ie: they have the audio muted), a willingness to type might spark a conversation just as easily as talking.

There are pros and cons to typing and talking when modeling on cam. Read more about this camming conundrum here:

  • Beware the Stare: Are you seeing customers pop in and out of your room quickly while modeling on cam? Ask yourself: what are they seeing when they enter? Are you staring longingly into your screen hoping for some action? Or, worse, are you yawning or looking at your phone? It’s hard to engage with someone who looks disinterested.

Even if it’s not your first time on cam, it never hurts to review the basics. Check out some solid camming tips here:

  • Have you been keeping notes on your customers? If so, engage any customers with whom you already have a history with some sweet reminiscing. Remind them of the good times enjoyed in the past that could inspire some more good times in the near future!
  • Up your teasing! While you never want to give away too much for free while modeling on cam, there are times when your normal level of flirting may need to ratchet up in the face of a more demanding crowd. You may have members in your room who need to be tempted a little more before the credits start flowing. A successful cam model will know when to start a Party Chat or Group Chat – or even when to set Tip Goals. Bottom line – have fun.

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  • Do you feel like you have too many slow days on cam? Then perhaps you should re-evaluate your camming schedule. Keep an eye on your camming site. See what time slots the top models go for, and see if you can arrange your own schedule to allow for more traffic in your room. Don’t limit yourself to certain time blocks in the day. Experiment with mornings, afternoons and evenings (if you can). As a cam model you might find a new audience.
  • Let loose and entertain yourself! Fun can be contagious and infectious. If the viewers in your room are not engaging with you, despite your best efforts, then you might have to engage yourself. Have fun, and keep trying involve them. Tell a story or introduce a chatroom game and see if that breaks the ice.
  • Accept that you will have slow days. All models who make money on cam have slow days. Sometimes it is simply beyond your control. Fortunately, you can make your own schedule as a cam model. You are your own boss. While you may fear missing out on something big, sometimes you just need to cash in your chips, get some rest, and put your best energy into your next performance.
  • Be patient! Keep at it. The more you model on cam, the more comfortable you’ll be on cam. And when you’re comfortable as a cam model, your personality will naturally come out, and customers will love to feel like they’re getting to know the real you. For now: practice, prepare, flirt and have fun. Increasing engagement on cam will happen the more you keep at it!

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Kiiroo Titan

Kiiroo Titan Review

While not unprecedented, an interactive male masturbation sleeve is not a common site in cam model’s chatroom.  You might encounter this kind of sex toy while performing as a male model as a top, or as an addition to a couple or group show. But can these interactive devices such as the Kiiroo Titan help you make money on cam?

While we’ll look at the Kiiroo Titan as an overall product in this review, we’ll put an emphasis on how it can be used while modeling on cam, and—with camgirls in mind—whether or not it’s a good idea to recommend them to customers looking for a more intimate interactive live cam show.

Design: First the nitty gritty. The Titan stands about 9 inches tall, and 3.5 inches wide, and weighs just under 2lbs. This makes it lighter and more compact than its main competitors, the Fleshlight Launch, and the Kiiroo Onyx2. Thus, it’s more practical and portable. But it also gives the Titan a bit of a cheaper, less than premium feel. The cylinder can be opened for easy access to the silicon sleeve, which can be removed and cleaned. While this is a great addition, the seam in the plastic can depress if the toy is gripped to tightly. Overall, though, this does not really detract from the experience. Finally, competing sleeves have covers available to protect the sleeve and keep it dust free. While no-stick silicon is used, unless wrapped or placed in a case, the Titan’s sleeve is exposed and could be damaged in transit.

Power: Unlike our review of Onyx2 and the Launch, the Titan has no moving parts. The soft latex sleeve is lined by 3 rods containing 9 small motors each. In manual mode, the vibrations and combination of motors can be changed by stroking the 3 touch sensitive power sensors. You can engage the motors all at once, or in separate groups, making for some pretty customizable sensations. But it should be noted this is a very “buzzy” sensation, which may not be for everyone.

Battery Life: Herein lies the biggest challenge in using the Kiiroo Titan in a live cam show, and one of the Titan’s most glaring cons. The Titan requires 3 hours of charge time for only 40 minutes of use. For prolonged use in making money on cam, or in the hand of your customers, using the Titan will require some foresight to make sure it’s charged.

Connectivity: Connecting the titan to your mobile device is a simple, 2 click process using the FeelConnect App. And no issues were encountered in our testing of the local/partner connectivity, or when connecting to other Kiiroo toys for use in a live cam show. 

Interactivity: The reliability review of the Titan really shines when in interactive mode. The motors are responsive, and vary in intensity at the slightest increase or decrease in pressure on the toy it’s paired with. (For our purposes, we used a Fuse, which you can read about here.) Manipulating the Fuse triggered the different motor groups consistently, with little-to-no lag in the process. Conversely, if you’re a Fuse owner and your customer has the Titan, the Fuse continues to prove its top-of-the-line designation, responding to the Titan’s power buttons instantly and pleasurably.


Part 1) Should you use the Kiiroo Titan in your live cam show? Our review gives it a tentative “thumbs up”. While the battery life can prove challenging, the reliable connection to your site and your customer’s devices are a big boon that can help you make more money on cam. Another boon is: the Kiiroo Titan is priced at about $150, much more affordable than either of its competitors.

Part 2) Should you recommend the Kiiroo Titan to customers looking for an interactive live cam experience with you? It depends. If your customer is on a budget, the Titan will provide them with a good experience … but, we’d rank it in 3rd place: far behind the Launch and slightly behind the Onyx2. If you want your customer’s interactive experience to be as close to real, mind-blowing sex as possible, point them to the Fleshlight Launch every time!  You can purchase the Titan directly at the Kiiroo website.

Cam Games

Cam Games to Thrill Your Fans

If you’ve been close to the camming industry, you may have heard the term “Gamefication” come up here and there. But what is it? And how can cam games help you make money from home?

Put simply, gamification borrows the mechanics of a game and puts it into a non-gaming environment. It locks on to the part of a game that makes them addictive and fun and applies it in a new circumstance. So how can your chatroom be gamified? The answer is not necessarily in the specific games you play in chat, but in the rewards for participating.

First, playing games in and of itself can increase your audience’s engagement. They can bring chat rooms to life as people feel the urge to participate, and the spirit of competition sets in. For a long time, camgirls and camguys have found that playing games is a fun and profitable way to make money on cam.

Here is a great list of cam games that translate well into live-cam shows.

Many of the cam games on this list are tried and tested when it comes to helping cam models make extra money from the comfort of home. But how can you bring the “gamefication” of your show to the next level? Well, you can add some of the key elements used in video games that help players stay engaged. The game itself is not the entirety of what makes customers want to play. The sense of progress and reward are equally important, and can elevate your cam show games to add replay value … or in the case of a cam show, could inspire your players to want to come back and play again, or keep playing for extended periods of time. Make sure you first understand all the types of shows here.

  1. Have clear instructions and keep it simple! Being online as a camgirl or camguy is a visual medium. You must keep your cam games fairly simple to make sure the games translate easily. There won’t be an instruction manual available, especially for fans who come in after the game is already in progress.
  2. Progress Bars: according to articles on gaming psychology, players stick to a game when they’re close to “leveling up” or unlocking some new perk or achievement. Adding a visual aid to a show that you will, for example, take your bra off when you earn 200 credits in tips, will inspire your fans both to contribute, and to stick around to see that goal achieved. In their tip-driven “party chat” show type, Flirt4Free allows their models to have just such a visual aid on screen. The party meter fills up as customers tip, with several goal-markers along the way. Having these goals visible throughout the show can be really beneficial.
  3. Demonstrating a journey: while throwing in some unsuspecting surprises throughout your show will definitely thrill your “players”, you should offer them a challenge and a clear goal to achieve. Show your audience the steps they must take to create the “story” they’ve come to see, ie: a steamy live cam show as the big prize.
  4. Rewards big and small: As with the earlier tip-based party chat example, you can encourage continued play by “unlocking new features”, but you can also recognize greatness in your cam games (ie big tips) with special rewards, like a free pass to recorded content or free private minutes to your biggest in-game tipper. Or even fan club membership. Be sure to reward “good tipping” behavior.
  5. Leaderboards: What’s the point of winning a game if you can’t show off your victory? Think about maintaining a leaderboard on your cam-site or your personal website honoring your most generous fans. Not only will it inspire friendly competition between your customers, but it’s a great way to show them you appreciate their support!

So, the next time you introduce a raffle, sexy dice, or a wheel of fortune into a cam show, try adding multiple levels of rewards and visual aids into your performance and be sure to show customers who is in the lead, and what they stand to win for playing.

You may be playing longer, more lucrative cam games in no time.

Cam Model Success

Cam Model: 9 Tips For Success

The road to being a successful cam model depends upon your talent, your look, communication skills, and creativity, but it begins and ends with your customers. Keeping customers in your chatroom, or bringing them back for a repeat performance is not always easy. While nothing will work 100% of the time, there are simple things you can do to increase customer engagement and retention, and help you become a successful cam model.

If you’ve spent time as a cam model, there are obvious things that draw customers in. Other advice columns will tell you to be sexy, to be alluring, to be the customer’s fantasy. All true, but not necessarily advice you can put into practical use to become a successful cam model. But what we can do is offer practical techniques to help you separate yourself from the other models your customer’s visit.

Since your chatroom is probably a mixture of old and new customers, keep things fresh in any way you can.

Cam Model Engagement

  1. Have interesting things to talk about. To keep an audience engaged, you should set the topic. Steer conversation toward something that interests you, or that you can discuss at length. Leaving it to customers to open conversation has the potential to create a lot of dead air, permeated by occasional “show me your ass”-type requests.
  2. Look your best! This seems obvious. While successful cam models relate to their customers on levels beyond physical, a variety of outfits to keep your customers intrigued and guessing will keep their visits from feeling redundant. Varying your location can also be a fun change to introduce.
  3. Successful cam models focus on active engagement. Games, giveaways, costumes, and toys can turn your chatroom into a more interactive experience. The more passive your customer’s experience, the less likely they are to remain engaged. Don’t stare into the cam and wait. Get creative and keep the energy in your room high.
  4. Have a plan for outreach! What is outreach? It’s when successful cam models literally “reach out” to their regular customers between chatroom visits or paid shows. There are a myriad of ways to do this, but note that personalized customer outreach has a much higher conversion rate than something like a mass email. In truth, it’s good to pepper in a little of everything.
  5. Use mass emails to all customers announcing a scheduled performance or appearance.
  6. Try personalized messages to a customer after a private show, thanking them for the experience.
  7. Re-engage customers you haven’t seen in a while. Use your notes to recall a past moment together.
  8. While most sites have free messaging between models and customers, you can also open the lines of communication with customers even further through services like a SMS tool such as “FlirtSMS” from or “Flirt Phone” when you are not online.
  9. The best personalized responses make your customers feel desired and memorable. Make sure to take notes on your customer’s likes and dislikes during conversations and performances. A reference to a sexy memory you’ve made together will make them feel special.

If your goal is to be the most successful cam model you can be, you can maximize your potential by integrating these customer engagement and retention strategies. Become special to your customers by offering a superior product that becomes a necessity in their lives.

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Webcamming Like A Pro!

We’ve seen it many times in webcamming: a gorgeous cam guy outperformed by a less attractive model who knows how to build strong personal connections with their viewers.

There’s an expression in the industry that addresses this: Your look attracts. Your personality brings them back.

The ability to build and maintain strong connections with customers is what sets middling cam models apart from those who rise to stardom, like Jakub Stefano or Izzi. So how do you use your personality to turn a new chatroom visitor into someone who will support your webcamming career for years to come?

Here are some strategies you can put into play immediately. Consider these tools to help you “tune up” your webcamming persona. Ready?

Webcamming with your customers:

Just Ask Questions. Start your relationship with new webcamming customers the same way you’d start a relationship with someone in your personal life. Ask them questions that help you get to know them.

When you go out with someone for the first time, and all they do is talk about themselves, are you likely to ask for a second date? Probably not. Well, the same thing applies to your first-time viewers. Ask questions to show them you’re interested in getting to know them on a deeper level. Not only will it make them feel special, but it also reveals valuable information you can use to turn up the heat in their private shows.

Once you’ve asked questions, follow them up with more questions! Remember, you’re not just trying to make a customer think you’re interested, you’re trying to build a connection that will result in repeat visits and paid webcamming shows. Conversation is the foundation of any strong relationship.

Use Your Voice. Be Vocal. Most customers who watch your webcamming stream will find talking (as opposed to typing) in your open room much more enjoyable and intimate. This helps in free chat because it shows new customers you’re physically engaged with your viewers. And in private, when paying for your time, typing responses takes longer, and can be an obstacle when you’re trying to turn up the heat.

Don’t jump to the naughty bits! When a private show begins, don’t jump immediately into your striptease or stroke show. Ask them about their day (yes, more questions are good). Share something about yourself. Make them feel welcome and let them know you’re excited to be with them. Make them feel comfortable and special, and they’re sure to seek you out for a repeat webcamming experience.

Be Postive! It may sound corny, but don’t underestimate the power of positivity. Customers turn to cam guys and camgirls seeking companionship, fantasy, connection, and an escape from the stress of their day-to-day lives. Smile. Be complimentary and appreciative. Your good attitude lets customers know they’ve come to the right place—a place that’s better than their stressful reality.

Take Notes! Notes are a cam model’s best friend. Take notes on specific customers while they’re in your chatroom or after a show. You can use them to double-down on the particulars of a certain user. Remembering the fine details of your time together is a smart way to show customers you value them. They want to feel special in your eyes, and recalling details of their previous visit can do this for them. Your shared experience was as memorable for you as it was for them! This level of dedication will distinguish you from the majority of models currently webcamming.

Say Thanks! Show appreciation. Make sure your customer knows how grateful you are for every tip, large or small. Honestly, none of us really know if a customer is wealthy or on a tight budget. The amount they spend in your room could mean more to them than the amount implies. Let them know you appreciate their support. You are making a difference in a person’s life. Saying thank you or shouting out their screen name when they tip is a great way to make them feel connected and special.

Pro-tip: Coming up with a personalized flirty nickname for a customer is another tried-and-true way to make your interactions more memorable. Make them feel like the apple of your eye, even in a small way, could pay huge dividends in later webcamming performances.

Not every webcam model is a social dynamo. In fact, many get into webcamming because there’s less pressure in forming relationships online than there is in real life. And while it’s natural to feel shy and intimidated in your early camming sessions, remember: you are the star of your chatroom. These customers clicked on you, hoping you’re the right model for them. If you struggle with engaging your users, follow these simple tips and you may establish longer and more lucrative connections while webcamming.

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