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Webcam Model with Personality

Connect With Personality

We’ve seen it many times: a beautiful cam model outperformed by a cam model who might not be as gorgeous, but who knows how to use their personality to attract customers.

Remember this adage: Your physical look is what attracts customers. Your personality is what keeps them coming back.

The ability to form strong connections with customers is what sets middling cam models apart from highly successful ones. So how do you use your personality to turn a new customer into someone who will be with you for years to come?

Here are some strategies that you can put into play immediately. Consider these as tools to help you “tune up” your webcam performance. Ready?


  • Ask the Right Questions: When you go out with someone for the very first time, and all they do is talk about themselves, are you likely to ask for a second date? Probably not. Well, the same principal applies for your first-time customers. Asking questions shows customers that you’re interested in them as people. It also reveals valuable information you can implement to turn up the heat on their private show experience.
  • Follow-up Questions: You’re not just trying to make a customer think you’re interested, you’re also trying to seduce their mind, discuss their hobbies, tease them with your knowledge of their likes and dislikes, etc. Follow-up questions pave the way to real conversations, and conversation is the foundation of constructing strong relationships.

Use Your Unique Voice

  • Be Vocal: Most customers who spend time with you will find talking (as opposed to typing your replies) in your open room much more enjoyable and worthwhile. This is even more important in private. Typing your responses is time consuming (in a time-based show type) and can be an obstacle when you’re trying to hone in on an intimate moment.
  • Don’t Jump to the Juicy Parts: When a private begins, don’t immediately begin performing. Spend time learning, conversationally, what it is that they’re seeking. Ask them questions about their day (yes, more questions are good). Share something personal about yourself (it doesn’t have to be true), and let them know how excited you are to be with them. The more special they feel, the more comfortable their experience will be with you.

Positive Thinking is Everything

  • Be Positive: Don’t underestimate the power of being positive. Customers will come to you seeking many things: companionship, intimacy, erotic fantasy and conversation. They’re looking for an escape from the stress of their real life day-to-day life. Smile. Elevate them to a more positive place. Be confident and welcoming. Your good attitude lets customers know they’ve come to the right place — a place that’s better than the reality they are used to. You will become their positive fantasy.
  • Notes are Your Friend: Learn to take notes on specific customers while they’re in your chat room. Use these notes to double-down on the particulars of a certain user. He or she will thank you. Remembering the fine details of any interaction is a smart way to show customers you value them for who they are. Customers want to be seen as being special in your eyes. It makes them feel as if your shared experience was as positive for you as it was for them. This level of dedication will distinguish you from the majority of the models they visit either on your site or a competitor’s site.


  • Flirty Nicknames: Concocting a personalized flirty nickname for a customer is another tried-and-true way to make your interactions more intimate and memorable. Making them feel like they are the apple of your eye, even in a small way, will play a huge factor in converting them into return customers.
  • Appreciate Generosity: Be ever grateful for every tip, large or small. Honestly, none of us know if a customer is wealthy or on a tight budget. The amount that they spend in your room could mean more to them than the amount itself (the monetary value) suggests. Let them know you appreciate their tip (even if it’s a small amount). Remember, you are making a difference in a person’s life You should trust that they are rewarding you with a value that is sufficient to what they can afford. Saying, “thank you” or shouting out their screen name when they tip is another way to make them feel more connected and special.

Not every model is a social dynamo. It’s natural to feel shy and intimidated in your early camming sessions. But remember, you are the star of your chatroom. These customers clicked on you, hoping you’re the right model for them. If you struggle with engaging your users, following these simple tips will help you establish longer and more lucrative connections with the customers who visit you.

Imaginative Fantasy

An Imaginative Fantasy!

Your cam space is an imaginative fantasy! This might seem confusing, but I certainly don’t want it to be. Also, in no way does this tip rail against the “Be Yourself” adage that is excellent to abide by, and very helpful in clearing your mind and letting yourself get into the cam groove.

Imaginative FantasyThat said, always remember that, at heart, you’re giving your customers a live show. Imagine flipping through television channels and landing on a show that catches your attention. Well, to viewers, that channel is your room (or should be). When anyone enters your room, they are entering whatever enticing fantasy space you have chosen to show off in. Maybe on day one, you’re lounging in your pajamas while lying in bed, framed provocatively. Sip your coffee. Tell them about your wet dreams. Maybe on day two, you’re a strict teacher, dressed to the hilt, ready to role-play a dominant fantasy. Maybe you’re shaking your sexy hips in the kitchen, energetic and cooking up a tasty treat. Or, maybe you’re just “you.” And that’s great. Relax. Enjoy.

But also keep in mind the “show” nature of a broadcast. Whatever you choose to do in this heightened reality, remember that you’re choosing to invite people into a fantasy space that you control. You control the lighting, the music, the mood, the outfits, the setting, and whatever personality you want to portray. So, yes, be yourself. Always. But, also, don’t forget that this exciting journey allows you the possibility to drive your customers wild by giving them a fantasy only you can deliver.  

Your Domain 1


Your room Your DomainHow you present yourself on cam is a big theme on Guide to Camming. As industry professionals and lifelong achievers, we truly believe that it makes a difference how you present yourself on cam, how you groom yourself, how you craft your behavior, and how you engage with your customers. Focus on those things which you have control over. It can make or break your cam adventure. And, heeded properly, can elevate your hours to the heights of financial freedom. It can also mean the difference between twiddling your thumbs or watching your bank account today, I’d like to offer you up one bit of wisdom that you can take with you as soon as you’re back online. It’s this: OWN YOUR DOMAIN. Or, said otherwise, YOUR ROOM, YOUR DOMAIN. Let’s break it down.

Your Domain 2You are in control of your room. Don’t let anyone try to tell you otherwise. You are the one who is on cam and you are the one who fans are coming to visit. They are on your channel, in your room. If they don’t like it, they can leave. Right? Right. Don’t be afraid to think otherwise. Sure, playing into their hands is recommended, but there’s no need for you to feel shy. Literally, it’s your chat room. The more you own your domain, the more your customers will want to hang out with you. You’ll start to see the same people coming to your room week after week.

Own your domain by expressing yourself in an authentic way. Don’t be afraid to show your face. Or, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Let loose and explore yourself. Let this side of your personality shine through. As we repeatedly say, “Be your own unique self.” Personally, I feel that camming is special because it allows customers to spend time with a real person. That’s YOU. Don’t ever forget that. Camming is all about connection (you -> fan and fan -> you). It’s all about opening yourself to letting people come close and spend time with you. And that… that’s a real gift. You are giving the gift of your time and attention.

Your Room So, take a deep breath and say to yourself, “It’s okay to be who you are.” Feels liberating, doesn’t it? This kind of thing is helpful. Actually, we wholly encourage it. The more you opt-in to the idea of “Your Room, Your Domain,” the more free you will feel. Everyone who comes to your room has chosen you. Use that wisdom to empower yourself and really enjoy your time on cam. Own it, dear model. You deserve it.

Texting on Cam for Money


Texting provocative, flirtatious or downright sexy messages to another person is not a brand new concept, but the ability to make money doing it is .. at least in the world of cam modeling.

As any successful cam model knows, it takes hours and hours of hard work, dedication and the commitment to build your customer base. It also takes many hours to grow your brand in a realistic way, create repeat clients, and catch those highly sought after (and generous) whales who will spend big to take you private.

But even when all this is said and done, even when you’ve established yourself as a dedicated, successful and independent cam model there are always new ways to connect (and make good money) when you’re not on the clock. Today, I’m going to go over three ways that you can use to make more money, ways that are easy to implement and, if you haven’t already tried the, well worth your time. Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

Creating a Loyal Fan Base

SMS Cams TextingFans want to connect with their favorite models. They want to get to know the other person on the other end of the camera; to learn about their hobbies; to appreciate their quirks and mannerisms. Fans also want to know that you’re a real person. Knowing this, the ability to become friends and a trusted confidant is what separates the good cam models from the GREAT ones! Yes, it takes time, it takes dedication. Always, tt takes perseverance. But above all, it takes the ability to show up every day on cam with a winning personality that says, “YES, I’m worth your time .. YES, I’m worth your attention.”

Successful cam models with a loyal and dedicated customer base appreciate the importance of keeping to a schedule, logging on consistently and engaging with their fans … after all, if they won’t do it, another model will!

Make Yourself Approachable

Loyal customers, invariably will want to learn about the “real” you, not the persona you present on camera. They will want to express themselves to the real personality, likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests and passions that fill your life. As such, the appeal of being able to call someone on the phone, or even better, the ability to be able to text with someone “after hours” adds a new, exciting and profitable way to stay connected with your clients when you’re not camming. Just as importantly, give your best customers the chance to feel that they have a better “more exclusive” connection to you that the majority of your other customers might not have.

So, if you’re willing and able to respond to a few texts when you’re not working, if you’re willing and able to text and interact with your loyal fans when you’re “out & about,” why not make a little extra income and watch those credits roll in!

Keep Texting Private

modeling on cam textingOf course, privacy is key here. It’s all very well and good having a loyal fan tip you for a few provocative pictures or a more intimate conversation thread – but there have to be boundaries. Not revealing your real cell phone number (and keeping it private) is at the top of the list! Savvy webcam companies like Flirt4Free (among certain select others who have been around for years) know this. They partner with a third party host to provide you with safe, secure cell phone numbers that when used through their site can provide you with personalized text rates, tip breakdowns, variable customer rates, and of course monthly pay outs based on your texting success.

Who wouldn’t want the ability to make extra money for texting in their spare time with fans that wanted to spend a little more?

If you know of any other companies in the cam world you use this sexy texting feature, companies that you love to use other than Flirt4Free, drop us a line. And, of course, if you’re a webcam model, chime in one and all. We’d love to hear from you. If you’ve used texting as a way to build your income with clients, let us know what you thought of the experience. Do you feel it was worth it? What was easy about it? What was challenging?

Interested in reading more about privacy, check out our article on how you, as a webcam model, can protect your privacy online. 


Playing games on cam can increase the engagement in your room. Try it. In doing so, you might be quite surprised. In addition, games can also make your room come to life with humor, excitement, and fun! Truthfully, who doesn’t like having fun? Well, we at Guide to Camming love fun. When camming, it’s wise to consider that some fans love the excitement of entering into a game-like experience with you. And, from your point of view, it can be such a fantastic way to set up tip targets and tip-related goals. 

games guide to cammingPlus, games give purpose to your time on cam. Also, having a purpose is important. Let’s say you’re looking to change up your normal routine, why not try a game. Here are some links you can study to increase your understanding of what kind of games might work best for you. Remember, playing games on cam is not for everyone and sometimes members will try to alter the rules or take advantage of a competitive situation. The more aware you are of that possibility the more you can work your game-time to your advantage.

What’s involved in a game? Think of a way that you can quiz or challenge your fans to tip you. In return, when they (or you) do something “right,” you can or should be tipped. The game-like nature of your time spent together will fly by. Games erase the monotony of sitting and waiting for something to happen. Furthermore, games are fantasy. How? First, they engage your imagination. Second, they impose imaginary rules on a situation. Third, they introduce a purpose and a challenge to time spent. Cool, right?


Next, here are some (hopefully) helpful links to game ideas and discussion ideas. In truth, at the end of the day a game will succeed or fail based on how you play it. Remember to have fun and keep things light.

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Above all, thank you for reading. Most noteworthy, we, here at Guide to Camming, believe that the more savvy you are at how you spend your time in your chat room, the more money you can potentially earn. Also people want to spend time with other people who are engaging and interesting. Second, they want to spend time with people who listen to them, who ask them questions, and who know how to engage them in a worthwhile experience. Third, you become larger than life. Is that you? Well, we certainly think that it could be.

Finally, are you looking for more? Check out our article on using humor in your cam shows.