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2-Way Toys: A Real-World Introduction

I want to dive deep into interactive devices. I recently spoke about “interactive devices” here. But what are they and what can they do for cam models? They’re sex toys (vibes, phalluses, masturbation sleeves … etc) that can be connected to a mobile app. Through the app, they can be controlled by a remote user, even thousands of miles away. And the latest models, like the Fuse (which I wrote about here) allow this control on a 2-way level; meaning that two people with compatible toys on different sides of the planet can express themselves physically in a mutual way. For people in long distance relationships, this means their intimacy can cross continents.


For cam guys and cam girls, 2-way interactive toys offer a new level  of immersion to your performances. After all, immersion is one of the biggest selling points of a cam show. It’s already an interactive experience, where your customers can converse with you, get to know you, have real conversations, and make real-time naughty requests. A successful private show is usually one that most caters to the customer’s desires, right? Therefore, toys that give you the ability to express yourselves physically as well as emotionally should only heighten the experience.

So are 2-way interactive toys taking the camming world by storm? Well, I think what we’re seeing at the moment is a technological revolution in its fledgling stages. It reminds me of VR, which is huge and mainstream now, but gained its first foothold in the adult industry.

best sex toys Flirt4Free is the first of the big-name cam sites to fully embrace these toys. Their interactive page offers customers and models a full tutorial on connecting and controlling a wide variety of devices. Top model, Nazanin Hunter’s interactive Fuse show is viewable as a Video on Demand, and the site reviewed this performance on their blog. If you have the means, I highly recommend watching it. It’s a great example of this exciting tech in action. “My squirt show is the best show I do, and when it’s interactive, it’s even better, because my customers can give me real pleasure,” Nazanin said when asked about these devices. “It’s so much more intimate. I feel closer to my customers and now I don’t have to do all the work! (laughs) They can help me!”

Feel Everything

We asked several other Flirt4Free models about the effect of 2-way interactive on their performances and, more importantly, their profitability.

Popular duo Crhistian & Dereckk often use the Fuse and the Onyx2 into their hardcore shows.

“It’s way more fun because it’s not just us that feel everything. The customers can feel what we do. So there is a stronger connection, even with a great distance between us,” said Crhistian.

“My favorite is when I can tie Crhistian up,” his partner Dereckk added, “then use the toys to let the customer drive him wild. That really makes him moan and brings in some fantastic tips. There’s really no other experience like it.”

Fast-rising cam girl, Antonela Adams, had this to say about her Fuse shows: “I never had a toy like this before, that another person could control. It was so impressive. The sensations we both feel are much deeper. It allows us to be closer and interact more. And after an interactive show, I’m always certain my customers will come back to me.”

Logan Cardenas, one of Flirt’s elite male models, has also recently integrated the Fuse into his performances. “I always loved using toys in private shows. And these toys are so cool, because not only do the customers get to feel pleasure along with you, but many of them offer different sensations depending on whether you use your hand or mouth on it, or put it inside you. It makes privates way more dynamic.”

Ground Floor

This feels like the right time to get in on the ground floor of this movement. Two-way toys are on the rise, and only slightly more costly than the average quality sex toy. Offering your potential customers a level of immersion they can’t find anywhere else is a surefire way to make yourself stand out from other cam models, and has the potential to pay dividends as 2-way becomes more prevalent throughout the industry.

Esca Interactive Toy

ESCA: Review

The Esca represents another collaboration in interactive sex toy design by Kiiroo and OhMiBod, the same industry giants who brought you the Fuse. While it’s a very different toy, it comes with some similar features. It’s Bluetooth enabled, remotely controllable through the FeelConnect App, and also comes with some powerful pre-set vibration settings. The most glaring difference between the two is: as a wearable g-spot vibe, it only offers 1-way interactivity, meaning that your customer or long-distance lover can control the device and stimulate you, but you can’t return the favor.

The Essentials:

Esca Interactive DeviceThe Kiirroo website markets the Esca as “56 grams of pleasure.” Comprised of the same sleek silicon matte material as the Fuse, this toy feels fantastic to the touch. Its slim design (1.3 inch diameter) makes it comfortable to wear for extended sessions and, when fully charged, the vibrations are powerful and can really rumble through your body.

One of the most frustrating things about the majority of app-enabled sex toys is how difficult to be to establish the Bluetooth connection. As we saw with the Fuse, Kiiroo and OhMiBod have done a lot to simplify this process in their devices. Putting the Esca in Bluetooth mode is as simple as holding the power button for 3-4 seconds.

Switching it to manual mode can be slightly more annoying, because it requires multiple clicks of the power button, waiting for the first pulsation, and then pressing the button over again to browse through its different sensations. While this can cause some mode cycling, with only 1 button to press, it’s still relatively easy to achieve the manual setting you desire.


Esca Interactive DeviceOther reviews that are not necessarily cam-model-centric have called the Esca a great introductory device for Long Distance play. I would have to agree. It’s a fantastic toy, and customers are sure to enjoy having the hands-on experience of controlling the way it stimulates you. Connecting to your remote user is a snap (as easy as the Fuse, which you can read about here).

It only lacks in the ability to have 2-way play. A wearable vibe that can somehow integrate the same touch-sensitive technology found in the Fuse would be even more fun, and could certainly be more lucrative for cam models. All-in-all, as a way to introduce interactive play into your chatroom or private shows, the Esca is definitely a great starting point.


The esca certainly wins points for ease of use, vibration power, and comfortability. It’s major drawbacks are:

  • Lacks the 2-way versatility of the Fuse. While it’s compatible with all the same devices, one of the major turn-ons for customers is the “hands-on” experience of mutual responsiveness. If you have a lot of customers with their own interactive toys, the Fuse just can’t be topped for versatility.
  • Splash resistant, and not water resistant due to the charge port. The Esca can’t be submerged in water, so cleaning it during and after a broadcast is not super quick or convenient. Fortunately, the high-quality silicon is quite cling-resistant and doesn’t gather dust.
  • Again, just like the Fuse, the battery life is a little lacking. Getting an hour of use out of the Esca requires 1.5 to 2 hours of charge time. For a couple using this toy to spice up a long distance relationship, that’s fine. But if you plan on making it an integral part of your cam shows, make sure you’re charging it diligently.


The Esca is a well-designed, great feeling sex toy that’s compatible with virtually every popular 2-way toy in common use. Its shortcomings are most glaring when compared to the highly versatile Fuse. If it were to somehow integrate 2-way interactivity, and the amazing touch-sensitive technology found in its counterpart, it could be the best wearable interactive vibe on the market.

Fuse Light

OhMiBod Fuse: Tech Review

The OhMiBod Fuse represents the collaborative effort of two teledildonic giants, Kiiroo, a Dutch interactive sex toy designer, and OhMiBod, the US company whose sound and tip responsive toys have already had a massive impact on the camming world.

The Fuse comes with several key features, highlighting the best capabilities of both toymakers. It’s Bluetooth enabled, touch-sensitive, and offers 2-way interactivity. This latter feature means that it can connect with, control, and be controlled by the device of another user. This is a development that has even more revolutionary implications for the future of cam-models and their customers, and will be the focus of this review.

But first, the meat and potatoes:

FuseThe Fuse features a high-quality matte-silicon shaft that is incredibly pleasing to the touch. The exterior has a silky, non-synthetic feel, and nothing seems to stick to it. It’s not too big and not too small at just over 7 inches (180mm) long, while sporting a tapering circumference that maxes out at 1.3 inches (34mm) at the head. This is the perfect size for multiple on-cam performances, as it provides enormous pleasure without testing physical limits.

Unlike some other 2-way and Bluetooth capable sex toys, the Fuse’s ease of use is practically without equal. Where connecting some other, similar devices to their respective apps can be tedious, the Fuse is in Bluetooth mode from the moment you power it on. Switching it to another mode requires only additional presses of the same button.

Pressing the power button while in Bluetooth mode will switch it to “Touch-Sensitive” mode. If you’re using this toy on your own, or without connecting it to a customer, this technology is really impressive. The vibration strength is for real. Fully charged, the fuse will make your body rumble and quake in all the right ways, varying in speed and strength as you apply friction and pressure.

Pressing the power button again from “Touch Sensitive” mode will allow you to cycle through 7 preset vibration patterns. All of these are great, but are not nearly as impressive as the ability to control the responsiveness with your own body. Note that the Fuse is not the quietest toy. We wouldn’t call it loud either, but at full charge, your roommate or co-habitant in the next room may get an inkling of what you’re doing in your room.

2-Way Interactivity:

FuseCycling back to Bluetooth mode, where you can use the FeelConnect App to use the toy alongside encoded video and VR content, this toy functions well. But where the Fuse really shines for models is with its 2-way capability. For the first time ever, you can form relationships with your customers in which you can both safely express yourselves physically. Depending on which device your customer owns, you can touch, insert, suck, or manipulate your OhMiBod Fuse, and they can feel what you’re doing in their own toy. While the Fuse pairs incredibly with toys like the Onxy2 or the Launch, it also boasts the most versatile compatibility list of any 2-way interactive toy. (insert compat list from interactive page here).

At present, Flirt4Free is the only US site to embrace 2-way interactive toys. In my research, I found this write-up of a private show where one of their top models performed while connecting her OhMiBod Fuse to the Onyx2. If you have the ability to view the video of this performance, you should. It demonstrates a level of intimate sexiness your fans have only dreamed of, while still respecting a model’s safety and privacy.

OhMiBod Fuse Cons:

While the OhMiBod Fuse is certainly at the top of its class for interactivity, design, and ease of use, it does come with some minor flaws.

  • It’s splash resistant, but not water resistant, due to the charge port. It can’t be submerged in water, so cleaning it after a show can be a bit of a chore. This is negated somewhat by the high quality of the silicon matte, which is very cling-resistant and doesn’t really gather dust. But, still, if you want to clean it thoroughly you might have to keep your customer waiting.
  • The clitoral stim doesn’t have its own motor. Its vibrations are residual from the shaft. While this isn’t a dealbreaker, I occasionally felt like more clitoral stimulation would enhance an already great experience.
  • Fully charged the OhMiBod Fuse has a 60 minute battery life. For someone using this at home for their own pleasure, that’s plenty. But if you’re a cam girl (or guy) expecting to perform multiple interactive shows in the course of a broadcast, you may want to charge diligently. The charge time once the battery-low LED flashes is roughly two hours.

Verdict: The OhMiBod Fuse is highly versatile as an interactive toy, feels awesome to the touch, offers unique touch-sensitive technology, and can connect with virtually every popular 2-way toy on the market. As its flaws are minor, I predict that many cam-girls will be working it into their modeling repertoire.