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Keep Customers

Keep Them in Your Room

Keeping customers in your room is not easy, but it’s always the best method for success. But how can an up-and-coming model retain customers day in and day out? While there’s no surefire way that will work 100% of the time, there are simple things that you can do to increase your chances at having a successful time online? But how? Well, read on.

Keep CustomersLet’s dive right in. Even better, let’s get aphoristic: Be seductive by being the fantasy that your customers want (even if they don’t know they want it), and they’ll be yours. Keep them in your room by giving them a truly “fantastic” experience. While this sounds easy, it might not be as easy as you think.

Customers can be demanding. They can be very mouthy and opinionated. It’s your task to learn how to seduce them into what you want. How can you do that? Keep things fresh. The more “in the moment” you are, responding to what your customers are saying, or playing into the fantasy of the role that you are perpetuating, the closer you probably are to a successful turn of events. 

Since your room is probably a mixture of new and old customers, keep things fresh in any way that you can. Have interesting things to talk about. Switch up your locations. Indulge in outfits that will drive your room wild. Your goal is to be the best host that you can be. In doing this, your customers will remember the experience that they have with you. They’ll remember you. They’ll “favorite” you and visit your chat room time after time after time. If you get “lucky,”some customers will want to whisk you away to private every time you come online. Some customers will dream of loading their account up with credits (or whatever monetary system your cam site of choice uses) and giving you a piece of themselves.

Do all this and you run the chance to become special to your customers. And offering a superior product that customers will want to come back to time and again is special. It lasts. 


Tease and Deepen

Most customers want some kind of flirtatious engagement with you. That’s probably why they come to your chat room. At least at first. Don’t be surprised. People like to be flirted with. They may want to say things to you that they can’t express to others in their day-to-day life. Or, they may want to establish some kind of virtual companionship with you that’s also lacking in their day-to-day life. Either way, you are playing an important role in the life of that customer. So, what can you do to make sure that your time is well spent?

TeaseDeepen your communication with your customers. Tease them. Make them laugh. Most importantly, dear model, turn them on. If you can continue to do this, your customers will want more of what you are offering. They’ll come back to your room and spend on you. They’ll make your time count. And, at the end of the day, this bond between you and the customer is what makes this so rewarding, right? However, is this kind of communication easy? It’s not. What, then, does it demand?

At its root, it demands that you truly become a great performer on cam. Moreover, it demands that you work on becoming a better performer every time you come on cam. Yes, EVERY time you come on cam. Consider this your training. The more you do it, the better you will get at it. And, trust me, while you see other cam models fizzing out because they don’t know why they aren’t feeling fulfilled on cam, you will be the one who lasts longer, gains more fans, and ultimately succeeds. You will look back and know that your time has been well spent.

Success feels like a million bucks, doesn’t it? Make a plan to flirt wisely, deepen your approach, and practice it. Set goals for targets that you want to it as  cam model and achieve them. Keep yourself focused on what drives your customers wild and improve upon that every time that you go on cam. If you do this, you’ll definitely be stepping up your game, and you’ll notice the difference. 


What is a silent room? Well, a silent room is a room where no one is engaging with you, where you are not engaging with your fans, and where, in general, nothing much is really going on. Maybe you’ve had the experience of visiting other models’ cam rooms and, upon entering, seen that no one is chatting, no one is talking. Maybe the model is gazing off into space. Or, maybe he or she is checking their cell phone or yawning, etc. Ask yourself, is this a good look for a cam model? Is this type of behavior going to attract customers? Do you think customers will be impressed by this behavior? Professionally, we at Guide to Camming, tend to think not.

Avoid a silent room… at all costs. Your time on cam is limited. Maybe you are online for two hours, four hours, or eight hours. In that time, treat your room like a performance space. And always remember your purpose. Do you want customers to take you into some kind of a private show? Maybe you want customers to throw tips your way in the open room? Whatever your purpose, strive to make that happen. Being bored to appearing bored won’t accomplish that goal. The more goal-oriented you are, the better results you will have. And maybe you don’t have a goal. That’s fine. Be fluid. Let yourself be open to the possibilities and see what happens. But, at all times, don’t settle for a silent room. You are in control and you are the star of the show.

Music helps. Music can help you open yourself up on cam. It can also help lighten the mood of your room. Try creating a playlist that makes you feel sexy and confident and compliments your persona on cam. What would you call such a playlist? Would the first song be one that energizes the room or would it be something personal and inward-facing? The playlist you create or choose should suit your style. Show customers who you are by how you express yourself. Personally, I like to choose music that gets me in an absolutely hyped-up mood and makes me feel sexy so that my camming persona never drops.

How about you?

Modeling on Cam


SuccessIt’s a common adage in America to, “Dress for the job you want, not the one you have.” We also say, “Clothes make the (wo)man.” Or, who can forget the lyrics that a classic ZZ Top song, “Every girls’ crazy about a sharp dressed man.” What’s pretty self-evident by examining these three quotations is the idea that people notice our clothes. If we show up to a formal party wearing a jeans and a dirty T-shirt, people will take notice. Similarly, if we go on a date dressed to perfection with a style that fits our personality, people will notice. And it’s this latter, positive swing, that we wish to focus on with these three little words: “Dress for success.”

Dress for Success

When you go on cam, you are (probably) wearing some form of clothing. It might be skimpy, but it’s still clothing. What you wear will reflect what kind of a model you are and will express your personality. It’s always a good idea to choose your outfits with an eye toward what you want to accomplish on-cam. If you want to attract wealthy clients, dress in a way that will attract those wealthy clients. If you’re looking to pull in a certain niche, make sure that your personal style reflects that niche.

For the most part, people will judge you by your visual style. They will, most likely, be drawn into your visual style and that’s just fine. In the world of camming, appearance counts for a lot. Remember, by no means do you have to conform to traditional modes of beauty. You are free to hone whatever kind of ideal of beauty you think suits you the best. Be the kind of model that you wish to see on your camming platform of choice. The more you focus on your personal style, the more you “dress for success,” the more you are pulling success into your world. Be persistent, savvy, and sexy and you’re sure to be a top model in no time.

Do you have any hot tips on how YOU dress for success in your cam room? How do you choose what to wear on cam? What tips would you give other models who are looking to up their on-cam fashion game?

GTC Profile Pics 1


It’s a steamy summer night in the city. Imagine that you are someone looking to spend a few quality hours on a cam site. You’ll be looking for that extra-special model who’ll be the best choice for an evening in. Now, imagine that you come to your preferred cam site of choice and are confronted with a wall of profile pictures or images from the chat room (depending on the site). Your customer is going to think impulsively about his/her choice. That is, your customer will only spend a split second deciding which model he/she wants to spend time with. Snap your fingers. Click! Just like that.

GTC Profile Set Apart WomanUltimately, your customer is going to go with whichever model best fits what they are looking for at that exact moment. Of course, it might be you. However, it might be someone else. The only thing that you can do to catch that fish is to tailor your profile pic to represent the best version of yourself that you wish to display to potential customers. In this business you can’t please everyone, but you can control your niche, your image, your visual appeal. And the message in bringing this to your conscious awareness is that we live in a world of image. Controlling and shaping your profile image is of the utmost importance to how your fans will view you.


GTC Profile Pic Female 1Your profile picture is the first “hook” that entices customers to your room. Imagine you see two images side-by-side. One image is a poorly lit selfie that barely displays the model’s face or whatever appealing side of their body they are trying to express through the framing of the pic. The other profile picture is a professionally shot image that shows a tailored and carefully crafted image of the model in HD quality, a stunning representation of what the model is offering. Which pic do you think that you would click on? Think about it.


As a professional or aspiring webcam model, it’s always important to remember that your profile picture is the first thing any customer sees of you. Your name might seduce, but we are visual creatures. Your picture is everything. Not to crank up the pressure too highly, but this profile pic is your “image” on the site. Moreover, it is your business card, your poster, your advertisement and the first impression a customer has of you.

The rule of thumb here is that it’s important that your image be something captivating, eye catching and appealing. Also, the angle should be attractive, highlighting whichever part of you that you want coming to the forefront. In brief, it should display your best feature and your selling points.


GTC Male Profile 1Your image speaks volumes about you. It can even determine your “quality” as a model and can even decide, in a customer’s mind, if you are a top model, that is, a model who is worthy of top pay. Always, be aware of how you are portraying yourself. If you want to be paid like a professional model, you need to carry and represent yourself as one. Remember, customers don’t know that you are new.  Selfies are great for social media. But here you are a genuine model.

Customers know how to pick out models who will settle for less and models who expect top dollar. Which do you want to be? 


Now, don’t get discouraged. Pick yourself up and get ready to rock. No cam site outright expects you to have a professional shoot done. They more than welcome new cam models. Maybe try an image that is Instagram worthy. Ask yourself, what does my profile image say about me? What does it say about me as a cam model? Are customers likely to pic me out of the other models on the site? Do I look fun? Am I captivating? Do I look appealing?

A generic, basic selfie is no competition to a model with professional images. It is easy to fake it. Get dolled up and have a captivating pose with good lighting. Having an image only showing your butt or your cleavage is great, but it is also a dime a dozen. Any customer can go into any room and find a great pair or great abs, legs, etc. That is not what sets you apart, and makes you unique. Your face is what sets you apart. Your unique style sets you apart.

Remember that… “Your unique style sets you apart.” It always will. When a customer decides to check out your site, they are drawn in by your profile pic. They are drawn in by your essence. Make them feel it. Be your best self.