Knowing when to take advantage of the different paid show types a site offers is vital to making money on cam as a model. Private pay-per-minute shows can be very profitable, but is there ever a time when you should not go into a private show?

Read Your Room

The answer lies in your room’s current makeup. Are you busy or slow? Are your regulars online? Are there multiple users already engaged, having fun and tipping? Reading a room is an important skill for all kinds of live entertainers. For a cam model, knowing your audience can help you choose the type of show that will help you make more money on cam!

The Public Chat Numbers Game

Doing a little math will help you profit in the long run. The average private cam show lasts 5 minutes. If you do a 5 minute private for 60 credits per minute, you’ve made 300 credits. But what happens to the 20 active customers who may have tipped you 10 credits each in that same span of time? Chances are, when you left open chat, they found their way into another model’s chatroom. You made 300 credits for your private show, but left 200 on the table and have now come back to an empty room. How can you make more money on cam in this situation?

Who Wants to go Private?

Is it a regular customer or someone new? If they have a history of taking you into long private shows, chances are, this is the most profitable option. You’ll make money for this private and maintain the relationship for future privates. If it’s a customer you don’t know, you may be in for an average-length show (5 minutes). Keep a record of your regular customers and their habits so you know what you may be in for.

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What should I be doing in private?

Invite Voyeurs

Allowing voyeurs in your private shows is a great way to make other customers stick around while you’re in private. For a fraction of the cost, they can watch your steamy private action, and you make extra money on cam for the same performance. Just keep in mind that the customer taking you private must approve of it.

Multi-User Shows or Tip-based Shows

If you get a private request and your room is already active, engaged, and tipping, then you have a decision to make. Make sure you’re familiar with all the show types your site offers. You may want to offer a multi-user show or a tips-only show instead. On a site like Flirt4Free, customers can choose semi-private shows at a reduced rate. If your private show rate is 60 credits per minute, and your multi-user rate is 30, you only need 3 viewers to enter the multi-user show to make more money on cam!

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Group and Private Shows

Go With Your Strengths

While you consider your show options, it’s important to note which show type you’re most comfortable with. If you shine in one-on-one sessions, or have trouble balancing requests in a group show, then your decision is easier. Offering a customer your best performance in whatever show-type has the best chance of turning them into regulars. And having a solid list of regulars is always the best way to make money on cam.

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