When considering having a go at cam modeling, there are an awful lot of things to take into account. Among them, safety and privacy are top priorities. This is part one of a list of steps you can take to make sure you’re protected while camming, and to keep your private life as separate as possible from the life you live while broadcasting. Here, I’ll  talk about some general steps you should take. In part 2, I’ll talk about social media. Here goes:

SSL Certification

Make sure the site or sites you broadcast on are SSL certified. Most of the top sites use SSL. It’s a means of encrypting your information to keep it indecipherable to users.


The top cam sites allow you to use Geoblocking. This allows you to block users by IP addresses associated with your own city, state or country. Meaning your local family members and neighbors will not be able to see your stream. This is extremely important, but it’s not a catch-all. It’s not uncommon for live-cam customers to use VPNs that provide IP addresses in different regions, or to overcome Geoblocking restrictions while traveling. Also, if you’re ever a guest on another model’s stream, you should find out what their Geoblocked areas are and make sure they don’t conflict with yours.

A Stage Name for your Stage Name

This should go without saying, but always use a fake name and birthdate. Never reveal important vital information to your guests and customers, no matter how much you like them. You can celebrate your fake birthday with your viewers, while still keeping your real DOB a secret. Sometimes, when customers visit you often and feel they’ve formed a relationship, they’ll be desperate to learn your real name. It’s a good policy to have a second fake name in the back of your mind for these occasions. Your privacy is still protected, and your customer gets to feel special at the same time.

Cam-Persona Email

Create a separate email address for your modeling persona. Do not use your personal email address for promotional social media accounts, like your cam-model Twitter or Instagram page. It’s searchable on most social media sites. For more on locking down your personal and professional social media accounts, check out part 2 of this article here.

Vague Conversation

I’ve already mentioned the importance of your stage name and a fake DOB. But sometimes it’s easy to let things slip while camming. We’re only human, after all. And our job as cam models is to connect with other humans. But it’s good, safe practice to be vague about what you do when you’re off-cam. Talk about your favorite music, but don’t mention the upcoming concert you have tickets for. Talk about your favorite food, but leave out the names of restaurants you love. Talk about a steamy college encounter, but don’t mention the name of the school or the professor involved. It’s a hard but important line to walk when you’re building relationships with fans and customers. The less specific information they have, the safer you are.

Clean Broadcast Space

Some models love changing locations. Broadcasting from your backyard or your kitchen can be cool and intimate in different ways. But you have to pay attention to what they can see apart from your beautiful face. Family photographs on your nightstand, framed diplomas or certificates, and even the view out your window can hint at your real identity and location. I personally prefer to have one designated “clean” space for broadcasting. It’s simpler and requires less maintenance.

No Clicking!

Never open links from your customers. Not in chat. Not in email. Not in a tweet. No matter how trustworthy they seem, this is the best policy. When camming, always exercise caution. Apart from malware and viruses, there is also software that can reveal your IP address, which can give away your location.

Wish Lists

As your customers start to feel closer to you, they’ll want to send you real, tangible presents. Enter the wish list. Some of the top sites, like Flirt4Free.com, have their own internal wish lists. If they have one, use it! If you end up using a service like Amazon instead, there are a few precautions you should take. Set up a P.O. box or UPS box under your stage name and in a zip or post code that is not your own. A customer can use delivery tracking to find out where their gift was sent. Set up an Amazon (or whatever) account using your stage-persona email only, and make sure your shipping address is not displayed.

Gifts in Return

Some models hold raffles and contests in their chatrooms while camming, and give away prizes. Customers love it, but they can also learn your approximate location through the post. I think digital prizes like photo sets and videos are the safest way to go. But if you must mail someone your dirty undies, send it from a city that is not your own.

Of course, with anything in the information age, nothing is guaranteed.  Despite your best efforts, there may still be an awkward conversation with family members or friends in your future. Being a cam model is rewarding, lucrative and fun, but it also becomes a public persona. If the thought of this kind of exposure creeping into your personal life is extremely upsetting, you might want to consider a different career. Be sure to check out Part 2 for some tips on locking down your personal and professional social media accounts.

Thanks, and keep camming!

For more, please check out PART TWO!