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Light Up Your Cam! Tips for Better Webcam Lighting

When a customer enters your room, YOU are the first person they see. And, they see you as framed by your webcam, set against whatever background you’ve chosen, BUT they also see you (literally) by how you’ve lit your room. Ask any top cam model and they will tell you that great lighting is a necessity if you want to attract more customers to spend time in your room. Imagine if you, as a customer, entered a model’s room and that model was poorly lit — the shadows, the darkness, the blur. How would you feel? Would you want to tip that model? Would you want to take that model to private? How does the quality of a model’s lighting effect his or her live show? In this short article, we’ll dive into the basic, but incredibly effective 3-light setup, and hopefully, get you lit up better than you’ve ever been lit up before.


Before you go live, really look at what you’re broadcasting. In all honesty, do you think you’re properly lit? Are your best features being accentuated? Are your lights too bright? Too dim? Sometimes, just by simply previewing yourself before you broadcast can solve the problem of poor lighting. It might be that you need one more lamp or to turn on an overhead light and your problem will be solved. Or, it could be that your light is way, way too bright against your skin. Turn it away from you. Tweak your light sources so you look just right.


Becoming a lighting expert is easier than you might think, but it does require a bit of thought. That said, it’s worth it. Let’s dive in.

Key Light: This light is the key that unlocks your beauty to shine. It’s your strongest light. Position it behind the camera. It faces toward you and it’s best to keep it at a 45 degree angle from you. That is, if you’re sitting facing your camera, you can place your key light in front of you and to the right. Experiment with how far it should be from you, because every light is different. Remember, key light equals BRIGHT.

Fill Light: This light “fills in” the shadows created by the key light. Position it behind your computer and to the left. That is, if you’re sitting facing the camera, you can place your fill light in front of you and to the right. Just like the key light, experiment with how far it should be from you. Every light is different. Don’t make the fill light as bright as the key light. That’s important. If you do this, there’s a good chance it’ll distort how your skin looks on cam.

Back Light: This light is best when kept behind you and out of the frame. This means, that the light should not be visible in your webcam. An overhead light would work fine. Or, a lamp on a high table. The purpose of this light is to light what’s behind you. It makes you appear more 3-D. It makes you come to life. This light should also be the dimmest of the three lights.

Test out these lighting tips in your room. Take some time to make things look and feel right. It could mean the difference between a good night and a GREAT night.

Got it? Great!


Experiment with your lighting setup and you’ll reap the rewards! Truly. Proper lighting can make or break a broadcast. The better you light up your space, the more customers are going to want to step into your room and engage you in conversation. And, the better you’ll appear. Customers will want to see you. Make them want you. 

cammingOnce you find a great lighting setup that suits your broadcast space, play with it until you know it works well. Once you get to that point, you can work on experimenting with different locations around your broadcast space. Maybe you want to perform in the kitchen or in the shower. Maybe you want to do a show in the living room. Wherever you go, you’ll be able to properly get yourself lit and lit well. As broadcast possibilities expand so will your knowledge of how to light yourself.

Remember, your time on cam is a performance. You are the star and it’s important that you take the time to make your room into the best room on the site. Of course, your performance is key, but great lighting will always be “key” to making you light up like a sky full of shimmering stars.

So, onward, cam models! Keep doing what you’re doing and let’s all work to get better.

Keep Customers

Keep Them in Your Room

Keeping customers in your room is not easy, but it’s always the best method for success. But how can an up-and-coming model retain customers day in and day out? While there’s no surefire way that will work 100% of the time, there are simple things that you can do to increase your chances at having a successful time online? But how? Well, read on.

Keep CustomersLet’s dive right in. Even better, let’s get aphoristic: Be seductive by being the fantasy that your customers want (even if they don’t know they want it), and they’ll be yours. Keep them in your room by giving them a truly “fantastic” experience. While this sounds easy, it might not be as easy as you think.

Customers can be demanding. They can be very mouthy and opinionated. It’s your task to learn how to seduce them into what you want. How can you do that? Keep things fresh. The more “in the moment” you are, responding to what your customers are saying, or playing into the fantasy of the role that you are perpetuating, the closer you probably are to a successful turn of events. 

Since your room is probably a mixture of new and old customers, keep things fresh in any way that you can. Have interesting things to talk about. Switch up your locations. Indulge in outfits that will drive your room wild. Your goal is to be the best host that you can be. In doing this, your customers will remember the experience that they have with you. They’ll remember you. They’ll “favorite” you and visit your chat room time after time after time. If you get “lucky,”some customers will want to whisk you away to private every time you come online. Some customers will dream of loading their account up with credits (or whatever monetary system your cam site of choice uses) and giving you a piece of themselves.

Do all this and you run the chance to become special to your customers. And offering a superior product that customers will want to come back to time and again is special. It lasts. 

Modeling on Cam


SuccessIt’s a common adage in America to, “Dress for the job you want, not the one you have.” We also say, “Clothes make the (wo)man.” Or, who can forget the lyrics that a classic ZZ Top song, “Every girls’ crazy about a sharp dressed man.” What’s pretty self-evident by examining these three quotations is the idea that people notice our clothes. If we show up to a formal party wearing a jeans and a dirty T-shirt, people will take notice. Similarly, if we go on a date dressed to perfection with a style that fits our personality, people will notice. And it’s this latter, positive swing, that we wish to focus on with these three little words: “Dress for success.”

Dress for Success

When you go on cam, you are (probably) wearing some form of clothing. It might be skimpy, but it’s still clothing. What you wear will reflect what kind of a model you are and will express your personality. It’s always a good idea to choose your outfits with an eye toward what you want to accomplish on-cam. If you want to attract wealthy clients, dress in a way that will attract those wealthy clients. If you’re looking to pull in a certain niche, make sure that your personal style reflects that niche.

For the most part, people will judge you by your visual style. They will, most likely, be drawn into your visual style and that’s just fine. In the world of camming, appearance counts for a lot. Remember, by no means do you have to conform to traditional modes of beauty. You are free to hone whatever kind of ideal of beauty you think suits you the best. Be the kind of model that you wish to see on your camming platform of choice. The more you focus on your personal style, the more you “dress for success,” the more you are pulling success into your world. Be persistent, savvy, and sexy and you’re sure to be a top model in no time.

Do you have any hot tips on how YOU dress for success in your cam room? How do you choose what to wear on cam? What tips would you give other models who are looking to up their on-cam fashion game?

Cam Looks 1


Cam Looks 5When customers see you on cam, they see the “you” that you paint yourself to look like. Maybe you clean and organize your background. Perhaps you’re choosing just the right outfit or accessories to highlight certain parts of your appearance. Whatever intentional steps you take, think about the purpose of this venture. Think about your selling traits and how you can craft your “cam look” so as to keep yourself at the top of your game and be the model that rises to the top of whatever site you’re choosing to call home.

Cam Looks 3Remember, literally every physical feature defines your sexual identity. It sounds shallow, but remember, this is the camming industry. Some customers will judge you based on how you present yourself on cam. When you intentionally build your on-screen persona, you are taking control of your cam image. This kind of control will help you understand what works and what doesn’t. In finding out what works, you are able to tighten up that narrative and see what further strategies will help you earn even more.

And, of course, when we discuss physical beauty, we are not always referring to purely sexual content. Physical beauty is a complex topic, one that can’t easily be explained or summarized in a short blog article. That said, your physical beauty can shine from small part of your appearance. Think of George Clooney’s salt and pepper hair that ages him in a pleasing way. Think about Marilyn Monroe’s birthmark. Or, think about Channing Tatum’s muscles combined with his boyish smile. All of these things are subtle, but they help escalate the person to an iconic status. Think about what sets you apart and use it to your advantage. Present your best self to the world and the world will shine back at you. Own yourself. You deserve it.

Cam Looks 4In just taking these first steps to understand your beautiful points will work to your advantage. In doing so, you are truly creating your “cam look.” Your cam room is your own and how you choose to express yourself on cam is your own choice. It doesn’t matter that you are not a celebrity. Every step you take to focus in on your strengths will build you into a better and better model.

Texting on Cam for Money


Texting provocative, flirtatious or downright sexy messages to another person is not a brand new concept, but the ability to make money doing it is .. at least in the world of cam modeling.

As any successful cam model knows, it takes hours and hours of hard work, dedication and the commitment to build your customer base. It also takes many hours to grow your brand in a realistic way, create repeat clients, and catch those highly sought after (and generous) whales who will spend big to take you private.

But even when all this is said and done, even when you’ve established yourself as a dedicated, successful and independent cam model there are always new ways to connect (and make good money) when you’re not on the clock. Today, I’m going to go over three ways that you can use to make more money, ways that are easy to implement and, if you haven’t already tried the, well worth your time. Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

Creating a Loyal Fan Base

SMS Cams TextingFans want to connect with their favorite models. They want to get to know the other person on the other end of the camera; to learn about their hobbies; to appreciate their quirks and mannerisms. Fans also want to know that you’re a real person. Knowing this, the ability to become friends and a trusted confidant is what separates the good cam models from the GREAT ones! Yes, it takes time, it takes dedication. Always, tt takes perseverance. But above all, it takes the ability to show up every day on cam with a winning personality that says, “YES, I’m worth your time .. YES, I’m worth your attention.”

Successful cam models with a loyal and dedicated customer base appreciate the importance of keeping to a schedule, logging on consistently and engaging with their fans … after all, if they won’t do it, another model will!

Make Yourself Approachable

Loyal customers, invariably will want to learn about the “real” you, not the persona you present on camera. They will want to express themselves to the real personality, likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests and passions that fill your life. As such, the appeal of being able to call someone on the phone, or even better, the ability to be able to text with someone “after hours” adds a new, exciting and profitable way to stay connected with your clients when you’re not camming. Just as importantly, give your best customers the chance to feel that they have a better “more exclusive” connection to you that the majority of your other customers might not have.

So, if you’re willing and able to respond to a few texts when you’re not working, if you’re willing and able to text and interact with your loyal fans when you’re “out & about,” why not make a little extra income and watch those credits roll in!

Keep Texting Private

modeling on cam textingOf course, privacy is key here. It’s all very well and good having a loyal fan tip you for a few provocative pictures or a more intimate conversation thread – but there have to be boundaries. Not revealing your real cell phone number (and keeping it private) is at the top of the list! Savvy webcam companies like Flirt4Free (among certain select others who have been around for years) know this. They partner with a third party host to provide you with safe, secure cell phone numbers that when used through their site can provide you with personalized text rates, tip breakdowns, variable customer rates, and of course monthly pay outs based on your texting success.

Who wouldn’t want the ability to make extra money for texting in their spare time with fans that wanted to spend a little more?

If you know of any other companies in the cam world you use this sexy texting feature, companies that you love to use other than Flirt4Free, drop us a line. And, of course, if you’re a webcam model, chime in one and all. We’d love to hear from you. If you’ve used texting as a way to build your income with clients, let us know what you thought of the experience. Do you feel it was worth it? What was easy about it? What was challenging?

Interested in reading more about privacy, check out our article on how you, as a webcam model, can protect your privacy online.