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Video Cam Modeling – Tips for Success

Why do customers visit video cam modeling sites? Why do they take video cam models into private or pay-per-minute shows? Do fans of cam guys and cam girls seek something more than just a nude body?

Many of the most successful people in video cam modeling will tell you that ‘sexy activity’ actually takes up a much smaller percentage of their time on cam than an outsider might think. A larger chunk of their day is occupied by enticing, teasing, and communicating. While the physical aspects of cam modeling are important to just about every customer, these other elements are equally important. You can be hot, and someone will enter your room. But then what? To keep them there, you must call upon your creativity, imagination, communication skills, and, perhaps most importantly, your ability to flirt.

Useful video cam modeling skills:

1. Teasing Users:

Finding you or the fantasy you project physically appealing is the first step of drawing in customers as long-term fans. Set a firm line for what you’ll do in free chat. Then, try performing a striptease, or a few simple flashes that reach exactly that line without crossing it. You won’t have to mention money. You won’t have to mention going private. Just give new visitors enough to make them dream about what they’ll be missing. They already know how to get more. You just have to make them click.  

2. Better Engagement:

With video cam modeling, you never know where your next big tip or epic private show is coming from. So try to engage all your visitors. Communicate with them. Talk and contribute to the dialogue. If there’s an ongoing conversation and some users are sitting silent, ask their opinions. Or you can come right out and ask your viewers what they want to see—what their fantasy is—and then find a way to connect with it. Simple acknowledgement can make them feel welcome, and a deeper level of conversation can do even more to engage and entice them. Share your own fantasies as well. Let them imagine themselves fulfilling them. Watch for ways of building a deeper connection: Dirty Talk for Video Cam Models

3. How To Entice Users:

Through Visuals: Breathing life into a customers fantasy is the bread and butter of a video cam model’s day. Your attitude, your attire, and even your broadcast space can hint to a new viewer that they’ve come to the right place. One day, you can just be lying on your bed in your PJs, talking about wet dreams. Another day you could be in a school girl skirt, sitting at your desk trying to study through your stream of naughty thoughts. You’re in control of the atmosphere of your chatroom. And you have it in your power to make it inviting—a place where your potential fans can fulfill their fantasies. Be creative, be imaginative and always try to have fun.

Ready to start video cam modeling? Here’s the best sites for sign-up.

Cam Guy

Adult Cam Jobs – 4 Sign-up Sites

Are you ready for adult cam jobs? Here are my recommendations for safe, secure sign up sites for aspiring cam guys, cam girls, and cam couples.

1 – Modeling on Cam – Females, Girls

This site caters to all types of models, from guys and girls to LGBTQ and couples. Along with a quick, secure signup process, they offer a dearth of helpful information for those just starting out in their cam model job. The FAQ section is as informative as the one on Eye Candy, and their on-site blog offers a ton of practical advice for performers of any experience level. Check out their article on preparing for your first live cam show. All in all, Modeling on Cam presents a great resource for anyone new to cam. To Sign Up Click Here.

2 – Male Modeling Online – Males, Guys

This is one of the few recruitment sites dedicated exclusively to male cam model jobs. The resources they offer are invaluable to a male camming community. Adult cam guys make up a huge portion of the cam model population, but there are very few sites focused solely on them. Male Modeling Online features a great snapshot into the many ways guys can make money on adult cam jobs, a fast signup, and a reliable turnaround time. To Sign Up Click Here.

3 – Webcam 4 Money – Couples, Fetish

Not only does Webcam 4 Money offer potential new cam models a quick, easy, and secure sign-up, but the site itself offers a ton of fantastic advice in quick, digestible snapshots. It’s a great jumping-off point for researching any topic of interest, both for brand new models, and for other adult-industry performers looking to switch to a adult cam jobs. If you’ve danced as a stripper, they have a section for that. If you’re a porn star, they have a section for that. They even provide an overview of the best and most affordable tech new adult cam models should use. To Sign Up Click Here.

4 – Eye Candy Web Models – Top Models

Another reliable recruitment site is Eye Candy Web Models. It’s a fast sign up, and once you fill out the online form, you’ll be contacted within 24 hours. Like these other sites, it offers an informative snapshot of what cam model jobs demand. There are sections on tech, cam model earning potential, and, though not flashy, the FAQ section is great for filling in the blanks when researching adult cam jobs. The site itself is focused on cam girls, at least visually. But the advice they offer is sound for either gender, and the application makes it clear that male models are in demand as well. To apply, Sign Up here.