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Whether you’re new to camming or have been at it for years, you’re probably still looking for ways to improve yourself (at least I hope you are). Then, you’ve come to the right place. In this column focused on skills, I’ll be exploring ways in which you can increase your potential as a top cam model by becoming more skillful at how you operate and what you focus on. And, since this is our first plunge into the blogging waters, I wanted to pull back and look at the word “skill” and how you can use that very word to make your awesome cam shows even better. defines “skill” as, “the ability, coming from one’s knowledge, practice, aptitude, etc., to do something well.” And it’s this particular definition that I want you to think about today. The questions you should be asking yourself are:

  • What skills do I currently have? Examine yourself.
  • What are my most valuable skills? Think in terms of value.
  • What skills can I use often on cam? Be realistic.
  • What skills should I develop as time goes on? Make a list.

webcam skills improve

Let’s open up each of these questions and see how they can all enhance your cam performances, and truly make you the best at your game.


All of us have something that we are good at. Also, some of us might be good at cooking delicious meals. Then again, others might be better at sports or athletics in general. Think about those things in your life that you’ve worked at or become good at through years of practice. What makes you unique? What makes you stand out from the crowd? I like to make a list of the things I’m good at and review it several times a year. What are you waiting for? Make your list. Figure out what skills you’ve developed by analyzing your daily life, by analyzing your hobbies, the things that you love doing. You just might surprise yourself.


Okay, you’ve made your list. Now, it’s time for you to zone in on your most valuable skills. Hopefully, you have a nice list of things that you consider skills you are good at. Look at the list and trim it down to the top three things you are good at. Then, pay attention to those things that other people might be interested in. On my list I might include gardening, hiking, and exercising, but truth be told, these are not things I practice every day. What I really practice every day are photography, computer programming, and jazz dance. Once you identify your most valuable skills, you can move on to the next important question.


Not all skills are going to be interesting for your fans to see. Most will, though. Are you a good dancer? Show it off! Are you a poet? Read some of your poems?! Are you a stand-up comedian in the making? Why not tell some jokes. Your fans will really get to know the real you. Don’t be afraid. Express your most important skills to them. Trust me, it’ll keep them coming back for more and more.


As time goes on, you’ll want to “check in” with yourself as to which new skills you are learning and which might need more practice. To this end, Camming is the perfect medium to test out new skills that you want to get better at It’s even better if that skill involves something that can be communicated to a large group of people. For example, are you considering learning a new language? Then, why not try to attract fans who speak the language you are trying to learn? It’ll really open your mind (and increase your earnings).

In reality not all of us will have the chance to travel to the beautiful Czech Republic. That doesn’t mean we can’t try our hand at studying the Czech language. We might start attracting customers who speak our native tongue AND customers who speak Czech. It’s an awesome chance to test out this particular skill.

Well, did you get something from this article? Please share it with your friends and drop a comment. We truly believe that the more you build your skills, the better performer you’ll be. The better performer that you are, the more you will achieve all of your dreams as a world-class cam model. You’ll look good, too. 


cam sites for guysWe know that the cam market is blowing up, but is camming a good choice for guys, too? In our explorations of cam culture, we find a ton of cam sites, but not all of them cater to the wonderful world of guys. Why is that?! Guys just want to have fun, too. So, to throw out stylish Fedora into the ring, in today’s educational article, we’ve listed THREE essential cam sites for guys, and ranked them based on what we found. Check it out. Let’s start with the site we ranked as third and work our way to the top.

GUYS 3: Chaturbate

One peek at Chaturbate’s main page for Guys and you’ll know where you’ve ended up. Chaturbate holds nothing back. It’s a site that leaves nothing to the imagination. It’s a very popular “freemium” cam site. This means there are plenty of users flooding the chat rooms, many only there for what can be had for free. And while this makes it very hard to actually communicate with models, it does offer the possibility of seeing very sexy “shows” without having people taking a model to a private show.

However, if you’re a model, remember that while you might have a lot of users in the room. A lot of these users are going to get a free show while a few pay. If you’re a guy model who is comfortable performing in public, and maybe getting some good tips from it, then this is probably the site for you. If you want something more, read on.

GUYS 2: Cam4

Cam4 has been around for a while. While it still has the appeal of a “freemium” site, it does allow (and seems to encourage) users to take a model private, and seems to get some pretty good traffic. There’s a little something here for anyone and everyone. Also, it feels a tad more refined than Chaturbate. Plus, word on the street is that Cam4 has a pretty impressive amount of training materials for models, which is always a plus. If you’re a guy looking to dive into the wonderful world of camming, this might be a safe bet!

GUYS 1!!!!: Flirt4Free

Flirt4Free has been around for twenty plus years. This makes them an industry legend. And twenty years is a long time. Isn’t that crazy?! So, it was no surprise to me that they would have a Guys cam area. What’s impressive about Flirt4Free, other than their upscale image, allowing guys to command a higher price for private shows, is the stellar amount of high paying traffic that spends time on their site as well as all of the various tools Flirt4Free gives to models to earn big bucks on the site. Who doesn’t want high-paying traffic? We do. We hope you do, too.

Also, if you like contests, Flirt4Free offers segregated (guy/girl) contests, giving guys equal opportunity to earn big cash prizes. And, more than that, they seem to have many high-quality guy studios on their site (like the world-famous Belami Boys!) that brings awesome customers into the room. Also, we heard that their support staff is on hand 24 hours a day to answer any and all questions a guy model might have. Cool, right? Flirtatious, indeed.

Well, there you have it. In this brief, but hopefully helpful article, we’ve provided three Guy-friendly cam sites for you to look into if you’re a guy who is seeking to cam, but maybe doesn’t know where to start. Check out these options and see if any of them might be a solid fit for what you’re looking for. Know of any others or do you have any experience with any of these? Get in touch. We want to hear from you.

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CAM MODEL: 3 Hot Cam Locations

In today’s article, we’ll look at how a cam model can switch it up with three “hot” (metaphorically speaking) places you could cam from that will spice up your spectacular broadcasts. Do you have a favorite interesting and unique spot to cam from? Drop us a line and let us know. Hey, maybe we’ll write an article about it. We are always looking for more hot places for cam from.

Here we go!


cam model beachIt’s likely that those watching aren’t interested in food when they’re watching you, but you better believe they have an appetite for something that only a cam model can provide them with! So, why not take them deep into a real fantasy place, a place where their imaginations will come to life. Pretend you’re sharing a nice meal with them by preparing some food while you cam? Or, you don’t even have to make food — make some tea, a creamy coffee, or a healthy fruit smoothie. The purpose here is to switch up your location to provide your fans with another glimpse of what makes you special. The more you can craft the illusion of spending time together, the more they will return to your chat room.


Make your audience want you even more by giving them a view of you drenched in warm soothing water? Don’t want to shower? No problem. Draw a bubble bath and let them almost feel the warm softness of those sultry suds. Just don’t drop your computer!! Your fans will LOVE seeing you sensually bathe yourself. Want to turn this shower or bath adventure into a tease? That’s easy. Put on a sexy bathing suit and encourage them to “tip” the bathing suit off you. They’ll love the fact that you’ve enticed their imagination, and they’ll love to see what you look like in a swim suit.


Buy some colored gels and use them to filter the light in your room. Just make sure you follow all safety precautions and make sure the gels are safe to use near your lights. Once you figure that out, turn your room into your very own cam model dance club. Fans will adore the fact that you’ve taken the time to transform your room into a dance club. Maybe even use a strobe light or project some kind of funky-flashy image on the wall. Whatever you do, you’re creating a fantasy space for your fans to lose themselves in you. You are the dream experience that they’ve been waiting for.

While there are probably a million other places to cam model from, these are three that you can start using TODAY. Stay tuned as we open this article series up to include cool places around the world that you cam from! I think the main lesson to take away is that it really does matter where you are. Your fans will always be paying attention to your location. Your location speaks to your personality and your fans love your personality (along with your looks, right?). Give your fans a unique location, or decorate your room in a way that speaks to your mood, and your fans will react accordingly. Give it a try!

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